SilentEnigma's FF3us SNES patches

Sliding Dash

Version 1.1



Fixes the standing-still-while-dashing bug that pops up in Master ZED's FF3dash B & C patches. Also makes walking animations a bit more natural-looking in general, which may be noticeable for some of the slower NPCs.

This hack avoids the half-baked solution that FFAnthology implemented, which itself had the side effect of sticking stationary characters in the walking pose after dashing.

Restored Ability Names

Version 1.6



Updates Angelo's "Restored Ability Names" patch with the following features:

  • Avoids a bug in the original patch by moving battle scripts to the expanded portion of the ROM
  • Makes a couple of optimizations, uses a bit less free space.
  • Includes a version for ROMs patched with Imzogelmo's Multi-Steal fix
  • Realigns submenu text.
  • Optionally revamps the appearance of class names, renames some abilities, and realigns additional submenu text.

Hopefully this will make it much simpler for people who wish to integrate Angelo's patch into their personal projects.

Stuck in a Pose

Version 2.9



From Novalia Spirit's 100+ Bugs thread:

After any event-dictated movement occurs, the hero sprite may appear to be stuck in its last pose or its walking pose. The easiest way to see this is to go up and down some stairs. Most of the time, if you stop walking, the hero sprite should appear in a walking pose. Other examples of this are when you jump on a turtle, when trying to go up a conveyor belt to no avail, and after a scene where your party was split temporarily.

I can recall several times not realizing that a scene had concluded, since the lead character remained in an action pose. This bug was fixed by tapping into a piece of code that is executed repeatedly when the player has control of a character but is not pressing any buttons. A new subroutine checks to make sure the "standing still" sprite is being used in this circumstance.

Description Disruption

Version 1.2



Fixes a minor text display bug in the field menu.

From the item screen, if the player enters an item's details screen before the item's description text has finished filling the upper panel, the text will normally halt and stay incomplete.

This patch ensures that an item's description continues to fill the upper panel uninterrupted, even after entering the item details screen.

Docile NPCs

Version 1.0



A quality of life mod that makes wandering NPCs more readily yield ground to the player character.

In the original game, wandering NPCs have a tendency to be ever so slightly a pain in the neck to get around. Most noticeably, if the player tries to move into a tile that an NPC is exiting, the player may be out of luck if the NPC decides to move back into the same spot.

Now, whenever the player character and an NPC are simultaneously attempting to move into the same empty field map tile, the player character is given priority, and the NPC's move is canceled.

This should make navigating though crowded spaces a bit less of a struggle.

Decoupled Color-Coded MP Digits

Version 1.3



This is a reworking of Imzogelmo's "Color-Coded MP Digits" patch, which recolors the MP damage and healing numerals displayed during battle. Pink is used for MP damage, and blue is used for MP healing. Imzogelmo's original patch has the unfortunate side effect of changing the palette used by the reflected spells animation; this new implementation keeps the reflected spells animation intact.

NOTE: The patch also fixes the "Crusader redecorates Reflect barriers" / "Red Reflect" bug. The patch is incompatible with Lenophis' "Bad Decoration" patch which fixes the same bug.

Since the new colors are no longer coupled to the reflected spells graphic, a different blue color is used for the MP healing numerals.

This patch uses Imzogelmo's original implementation as a base. Some of Imgozelmo's code has been moved in order to make the new patch compatible with C. V. Reynolds' Bug-Fix Compilation (version 1.16).

Two methods are available for applying the mod:

  • the default full version patch for fresh ROMs
  • an upgrade patch for ROMs which already have Imzogelmo's version applied [MPDigits-5.ips, modified 2016-02-01 23:41]

Soft Reset

Version 1.1



Implements the familiar soft reset feature found in other FF releases.

The player may command a soft reset by pressing Start+Select+L+R from the field and during battle.

Optional Continue

Version 1.1



A quality-of-life mod which allows the player to quit the game after the party is defeated.

The player is given a "Continue? Yes/No" prompt following the "defeated" animation. Selecting "No" triggers a return to the title sequence.

Three different patch variants / application methods are provided to help minimize conflicts with other hacks. A variant compatible with C.V. Reynolds' Bug-Fix Compilation patch is included.

Note: This patch does NOT update the Save Point tutorial text (caption #1747).


Version 1.0



Adds an automatic indent feature for field dialog quotations. (Useful for dialog script hackers.)

Any line that begins after an opening double quotation mark is indented by 4 pixels, until there is a closing double quotation mark (or until end-of-page).

The hack comes in two variants:

  • Variant A: Uses the original left/right margin widths
  • Variant B: Uses thinner left/right margins (pictured above)

FF6 Silence Graphic

Version 1.0



Accurately reverts the Mute spell graphic in FF3us to the unlocalized FF6j version.

Battle Dialog Page Break

Version 1.1



Adds a new page break function for the big battle dialog captions. (Useful for dialog script hackers.)

When the function is invoked, the displayed text clears, and the remaining text continues from the top of the dialog window.

The hack comes in two variants:

  • Variant A: Keeps the original left/right margin widths
  • Variant B: Reduces left/right margins (more usable text area)

Cancel Button Dash

Version 1.2



One-stop shop for a robust cancel button dash feature, based on MasterZED's FF3 Dash button hack.

The following features are inherited from FF3DashB:

  • The effect stacks with Sprint Shoes, similar to the PS1 version of FF6.
  • The effect is disabled during multi-party battles.

The following new features are added:

  • "Sliding Dash Fix" v1.1 is included.
  • The mapped Cancel button (usually B) is used for dashing, rather than the direct B button.
  • During timed challenges, dashing will make the countdown timer run down at twice the normal rate. This effect is intended to preserve the game's original difficulty.

Adaptive Dialog Engine

Version 1.0



One of the main pillars of the FF6:ROSE project. Extends the field dialog script interpreter in FF3us, allowing hackers to make context-sensitive customizations to the text within individual captions. Easily integrates with FF3usME's exported script format, to boot. Well worth the learning curve!

Description Expansion Megapack

Version 1.0



A collection of patches for expanding various ability and item descriptions. Currently supports Blitz, Dance, Item, Lore, Magic, and Rage descriptions.

Alphabetical Rage Checklist Addendum

Version 1.0



Compatibility patch for combining Assassin's Alphabetical Rage with Novalia Spirit's Rage Checklist.

Pugs Rage

Version 1.2



Enables the Pugs rage, normally inaccessible, to be listed in the field menu and selected in battle.

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