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FF6:ROSE Dialog Script Notes

Notes are a work in progress. Last update: 2022-04-02

Full revised field dialog script is uploaded here.

1Slattery's figure of speech "wild goose chase" superimposed on more literal sentence structure.
2See #1; "Witch" is the common N.A. replacement for "The girl said to have the power of madou[kWhazit: Sorcery]" in official translations.
3Slattery, replaced "even breathe" with "lift a finger". "Even breathe" considered too hyperbolic, considering Terra would literally be breathing freely as the line is being spoken.
4 (W)
5Slattery, word for word. (Had to pull a few strings...)
6Mostly Slattery. Slattery's novel "took the place of magic" replaced with "gave new birth to civilization". "took the place of magic" implies that pre-War society at large was built on magic, which is not implied by established lore. (See #2011, #2013 - while the power of Sorcery in principle may have been widespread, actual magic users must have been in the minority)
7Slattery, simplified; The consensus among the sources is that the "who" of this sentence is plural.
10Slattery; removed redundant "Remember what we're here for."
12 (W & S)
13Spooniest merged w/ kWhazit.
14 (W)
16 (W & S)
17kWhazit; them->'em. "We've got 'em trapped now" (W, S) considered too cocky of a tone for the very overwhelmed Narshe guards to take.
18Woolsey; "defend" -> "hold [DarkMage]".
19 (W)
20 (W)
21Woolsey; "Whoa!" -> "Oh...! [kWhazit]"
22Slattery; Simplified/casualized the definition for slave crown. Slave crown now defined before its relationship to Terra is given.
23Woolsey/Slattery; "a thing" -> "anything". "a thing" considered too poetic/dramatic.
24Slattery; "so fast" -> "this fast [Woolsey]". Includes Slattery's "You must be made of tougher stuff than most", which is analogous to "Strong will you have there. [kWhazit]". Woolsey's rendering omits Old Man's explicit acknowledgment that there must be something unique about Terra.
25Slattery; split into 2 speakers as in FF6j.
26Woolsey merged w/ Slattery; split into multiple speakers. 2 speakers instead of FF6j's 3, since there are only two guards shown outside.
27 (Unused) (W & S)
28Slattery; Novel "fools" -> "brutes" (see Woolsey #32)
29Slattery; Reformatted into a single sentence.
30Woolsey; "controlled" -> "enslaved [Slattery]". Exchanged second and third lines (as in FF6j), making the intro read more chronologically. Iconic phrase "gift of magic" is NOT replaced by "power of sorcery (kWhazit)" -- impact on the overall magic/sorcery distinction is insignificant.
31 (Unused) (W & S)
32Slattery + "Now hurry! (kWhazit)", line omitted by Woolsey & Slattery.
35Woolsey, reformatted; "With this Slave Crown" -> "Once this slave crown touches your head (DarkMage)", w/r/t literal "If I put this manipulation band on you (kWhazit)"
36 (Unused) (W & S)
37Slattery merged w/ Woolsey & edited for style. Slattery's novel "Soldiers of the Empire!" -> "Gestahlian Empire!" ("Gestahlian Empire" appears in FF6j on the following page of the same caption.)
38 (Unused) Slattery merged into Woolsey's tone, updated to use Sorcery as the distinct term for "madou"
39Slattery merged w/ Woolsey & edited for style.
40Slattery; "Took you long enough [Woolsey]" -> "About time you got here [DarkMage]".
41Page 1: kWhazit, adapted to wording set up by #40. // Page 2+: Slattery. "Tsk tsk [kWhazit]" -> "Pfft" (certainly an editorial decision).
42Woolsey merged w/ kWhazit, edited for style.
43Slattery merged w/ Woolsey. The script needs more than one use of the term "witch" before #124
44Slattery; lightly edited for style. "Miss Terra" inserted; It would seem unlikely that Locke would know Terra's name otherwise.
45Mostly new; based on Woolsey & kWhazit.
46Slattery merged w/ Woolsey.
48Slattery; "Guard" -> "Marshal" used to match the Marshal enemy name.
49 (W & S)
50 (W & S)
51Slattery merged w/ Woolsey.
52 (W & S)
53Slattery merged w/ Woolsey.
54Slattery; "leader of the guards" -> "Marshal" (see #48).
55 (W)
56 (W & S)
58 (W & S)
59 (W & S)
60Woolsey; "Uhh" -> "Ugh (Slattery)"; "can't remember"->"can barely remember", since Terra will demonstrate a valid recollection in her very next line; "past or present" -> "recent or otherwise", since the present is not a subject of memory.
61Woolsey, reformatted.
62Slattery, adapted to #61; "So, you have amnesia..." -> "Memory can be like that...." - Locke's wistful comment (lit. "Memory...") modified from Slattery to sound more distracted, less deliberate.
63Woolsey, reformatted; Label "MAN" -> "King"
64Slattery; ellipsis added to emphasize Terra's disorientation.
67Woolsey w/ kWhazit & DarkMage
68 (W)
70Slattery merged w/ kWhazit
71Slattery, lightly edited for style w/r/t kWhazit
73Woolsey, reformatted.
74Woolsey, reformatted.
76W & S, lightly edited for style w/r/t DarkMage
77Woolsey merged w/ Slattery.
80 (W)
81Slattery; Adaptive Dialog added for M.C. Edgar.
82Slattery; "Magi" -> "Mages" -- In FF6j there is no 1:1 association between the sorcerers mentioned here and the belligerents of the War of the Magi (lit. the Great Magic War). Woolsey uses "Mage Warriors", which is much more specific a term than intended. "Mage (pl. Mages)" is both general enough AND properly recalls the standard job/class name used by previous FF's for sorcerers--something FF6j's writers almost certainly intended to do. The implicit term "Magus (pl. Magi)" in this script would refer to ANY being with magical capabilities.
83Slattery, lightly edited for a more frustrated tone.
84Slattery merged w/ Woolsey; "this very desert" -> "the desert", since Figaro Castle may be in either of two distinct deserts at the time.
85Mostly new phrasing; "harnessed" taken from Woolsey #87; Restored commonly omitted "power called magic" (lit.) as "force called magic". "Force" better distinguishes the intangible principle/ability "Magic" from the more tangible substance "Sorcerous Power".
86Slattery merged w/ Woolsey.
87Slattery; "set his sights" -> "taken aim at", as firearms are not common in the world of FF6; Power of Magitek" -> "Magitek Power" to emphasize its tangibility vs. that of the principle/ability "Magic". Magitek (lit. Sorcery/Sorcerous) is treated by this script as the Empire's own "brand" of Sorcerous Power. When the subject of Sorcerous Power comes up in reference to the Empire, the brand name frequently overtakes the general term. By the Returners' Hideout scene, this script makes it quite clear that the two terms are synonymous.
88Slattery; Restores use of Edgar's name; Adaptive Dialog added for M.C. Edgar.
89Slattery; "Highness" -> "Majesty".
90Slattery, simplified & edited for style.
91DarkMage, lightly edited for style. This script uses localized "Matron [Woolsey]" instead of the more-accurate "High Priestess". In the words of Lina Darkstar, "...it's a Shinto thing."
92 (W)
93 (W)
94 (W)
95 (Unused) (W)
96Woolsey merged with Slattery, edits for style w/r/t Mato.
97W & S; Adaptive Dialog added for M.C. Edgar.
98Slattery, lightly edited for tone.
99DarkMage ("I'm sure we'll be out of here in no time") w/r/t Lina Darkstar(?); Adaptive Dialog added for M.C. Edgar.
101DarkMage; Adaptive Dialog added for M.C. Edgar.
102Slattery; "nice" -> "sweet (DarkMage)"
103Woolsey merged w/ Slattery.
106W & S, edited for style.
107 (W & S)
108Slattery merged w/ DarkMage & reformatted.
109Slattery merged w/ Woolsey & edited for style.
110Woolsey edited for style, in part w/r/t DarkMage
111Woolsey merged w/ Slattery & lightly edited for style.
112Slattery edited for style, in part w/r/t DarkMage ("toppling")
113Slattery merged with Woolsey
114 (W & S)
115Slattery; "There's someone" -> "There's...someone", since without any irregularity of tone, Edgar would have little reason to suspect Kefka in particular; "here to see you, sire!" -> "approaching! (DarkMage)", since Kefka has not yet arrived.
117 (W & S)
119W & S, reformatted.
120Woolsey merged w/ kWhazit.
121Dynamic: Woolsey for Figaro, Slattery for Thamasa.
122Page 1: Based on Slattery: Edgar is not complaining about a few Imperials showing up, but rather that the Empire at large is poised to invade. "We have an alliance... (Slattery)" -> "We remain allies, after all..." in order to keep the word "allies (Woolsey)" rather than "alliance (FF6j)". // Page 2: Rodimus Primal merged with kWhazit
123Page 1: Slattery; "my humble castle" -> "my humble abode", as there is no specific use of "castle"; still keeping something of Woolsey's "lowly presence". // Page 2: (W)
124Slattery, lightly edited for style.
126Page 1: Woolsey slightly expanded w/r/t Slattery. // Page 2 Slattery; "Hee-hee-hee..." -> "Mwa, ha! (Woolsey)"; Early ROSE efforts replaced "Oh, Edgar..." with "How pathetic..." because, while Slattery's addition of a transition is appropriate, Kefka does not use Edgar's name here in FF6j -- but in the long run, Slattery's line is far superior.
127 (W & S)
128Page 1: Woolsey. More interesting than faithful translations, for example "I didn't like the sound of that...[Slattery]" or "I can't stand those guys...[kWhazit]" -- Note: If Slattery is most faithful, then Woolsey skips out on some added ominous tone-setting. No regrets. // Page 2: Slattery.
129W & S; "Take" -> "Show" (DarkMage)
130Page 1: Slattery. Note: "chancellor" is plural in FF6j. Page 2: DarkMage, lightly edited for style (", sadly").
131 (W & S)
132{Note: This caption is almost certainly a holdover from an early draft of the script where Terra does not meet Locke until after Edgar. The result is a glaring continuity error on page 2.} Page 1: Mostly new, with Slattery's structure. "drag you around [Slattery]" -> "putting you through so much" to emphasize Locke directly affecting Terra's state of mind (kWhazit: "...make you feel uneasy"). "without giving you a chance to rest [Slattery]" considered an error, since Terra WAS given a chance to rest after first talking to Edgar; "before we could even get acquainted" used instead: to emphasize that, indeed, Locke has not yet introduced himself to Terra, and that this would be a good time for him to do so. // Page 2: Slattery; "...Edgar told me about you." -> "Edgar just mentioned a bit about you.": Slattery is more literal, but it screams "continuity error!", since we never see Edgar say anything to Terra about Locke. The new rendering instead points to a brief off-screen window of opportunity where Edgar could have said such a thing to Terra: The scene of Kefka's approach, during which Edgar would have been exiting the great hall, potentially accompanying Terra, before handing Terra off to Locke, after which we see Edgar walking outside to meet Kefka.
133Slattery; Exclamation point removed so that Locke isn't completely blowing up, but the caps are retained. Still getting a bit testy! Tone influenced by Lina Darkstar.
134Slattery, edited for style. "On the surface"/"pretends" considered a bit too casual for referring to a high-profile binding agreement between two heads of state -> "Officially" used instead, which, like "On the surface", implies that there is more going on than what's on paper.
135Page 1: slattery, lightly edited for style. // Page 2: kWhazit
137Woolsey merged w/ kWhazit & Slattery.
138Slattery, edited. "All that matters is that you" -> "The important thing is that you're free to": Locke is not giving direction to Terra, or turning her focus away from her discomfort, but rather putting a positive spin on her predicament in order to offer reassurance. In FF6j Locke is saying something like "It [your discomfort] just goes to show that you have your own free will from now on." // Page 2: Woolsey merged w/ kWhazit
139New; Based on Slattery #138 ("your own decisions"). In FF6j Terra contemplates Locke's words, repeating them in the first person ("My own free will...")
140Slattery, reformatted.
143Page 1: (W & S) // Page 2: W & S merged w/ kWhazit. // Page 3: Woolsey merged w/ Slattery.
144 (W)
145Woolsey, reformatted.
146Spooniest; Woolsey's exclamation point removed to match FF6j's tone.
147Slattery; lightly edited to match Woolsey's tone.
150Slattery. Note: Woolsey's use of "shameful" right before "delightful" is actually pretty great here, and perhaps warrants reconsideration.
151 (W & S)
152 (W)
153Woolsey merged w/ Slattery
154 (W). Note: Speculation: Slattery avoids "Submerge" here, and uses "Dive" instead, as though the word "Submerge" ought only be used with reference to liquid.
155kWhazit merged with Woolsey.
158Woolsey merged w/ Slattery.
159 (W). Note: Riding on a chocobo, wind blowing in everyone's hair, still in the process of ditching the empire -- Locke is definitely speaking in the present tense.
160Page 1: kWhazit, edited for continuity. In FF6j, "Where those bad people (Slattery)" implies Terra has not already learned about THE "bad people", the Empire, from Locke. One may speculate this is Terra having a memory lapse, but it is more likely a continuity error (See #162). "Were those the bad guys?" is used instead. FF6j's "I'm scared" -> "I'm getting scared": This feeling must be actively developing, because Terra was just kicking the bad guys' butts in good spirits during the previous battle scene.
162Slattery merged w/ kWhazit. For continuity, uses Slattery's "Like I told you before," where no such phrase exists in FF6j. In FF6j, this line forgets that Locke has already told Terra about the Returners (#134). In fact, this whole scene seems to be unaware of Locke's previous conversation with Terra (see #160).
164Woolsey, updated to use the second person (Slattery & kWhazit); "magical" -> "sorcerous" (kWhazit); Added "As we've gathered", since Edgar is speaking on, at best, third-hand information.
166Page 1 & 2: Slattery. // Page 3: +"and its secrets" (kWhazit). // Page 4: Woolsey, edited for tone. Note: Woolsey changed the line from Terra's power falling into the Empire's hands to Terra herself falling back into the Empire's hands. // Page 5: Slattery; "understand" -> "know the truth about" (kWhazit) in order to fit with edits to #167.
167Woolsey, updated to use the second person (Slattery & kWhazit); +"and find out" as alternative to kWhazit's "and look for the truth". Note: Slattery rendered this as the added sentence, "He may be able to help you find out more about why you have them." -- considered to slow down the pace too much to be worth what amounts to only modest clarification.
168Woolsey w/ +"I think so, too." added at the beginning, based on Slattery & kWhazit. Avoids Slattery's added use of Edgar's name.
169Woolsey merged w/ Slattery; "Okay!" retained based on kWhazit.
170Slattery merged with Woolsey; Woolsey's "construction" -> "maintenance".
171Slattery; "sire" -> "Majesty", since "sire" will be set aside for Cyan as his archaic address instead of "sir".
172 (W & S)
173 (W & S)
174 (W)
175 (W)
176 (W)
177Woolsey; "Took" -> "Swiped" (DarkMage)
178 (W & S)
179 (W)
180Woolsey; +"When it's down there," qualifier (DarkMage)
185Woolsey; "my husband" -> "Duncan" (Slattery), since "my husband" is used in #187.
186Woolsey merged w/ Slattery
187Slattery; edited for tone.
188DarkMage (Slattery, edited for style).
189Woolsey, reformatted.
190kWhazit, edited for style.
191Woolsey merged w/ kWhazit.
193Woolsey merged w/ Slattery, edited for style.
195 (W & S)
196Slattery; "man" -> "guy" (Woolsey)
197Slattery; "man" -> "guy" (Woolsey), edited for style.
198Slattery; Adaptive Dialog added for M.C. Edgar.
199Slattery; Edited for style.
201Slattery, lightly edited for style.
202Slattery; omitted "I hear" (Woolsey)
203Slattery; lightly edited for style.
204Woolsey merged w/ Slattery.
205Slattery; edited to match Woolsey's tone
206Woolsey merged w/ Slattery.
207Woolsey; "a millionaire" -> "the richest man in town" (Slattery).
209Woolsey, reformatted.
210Woolsey, edited for style; "had dinner here" based on Slattery
211Slattery, re-punctuated.
212Slattery, edited for style.
214Woolsey, edited for style; + "Brrr_" influenced by Mato's stream "It's cold."
215Rodimus Primal
216Slattery, lightly edited for tone; "cider" -> "rum" (Rodimus Primal)
218Slattery, edited for style; "cider" -> "rum" (Rodimus Primal)
220Slattery. Note: Slattery changed "man" to "family" for clarity.
223Slattery, "Rosebud" -> "Wild Rose" (kWhazit), likely intended as a callback to FF2
224Woolsey edited liberally for style.
225 (W)
226 (W)
227Woolsey, re-punctuated; "cider" -> "rum" (Rodimus Primal)
229Woolsey, "......What do you think?" -> "...What do you take me for??" for clarity.
230Slattery; "cider" -> "rum" (Rodimus Primal); edited for style.
231Slattery merged w/ kWhazit
232Slattery, edited for style.
233Slattery/Woolsey; Paraphrased alternate line "This ship won't be leaving any time soon." assigned to second sailor
235Spooniest/DarkMage, re-punctuated to match tone of Woolsey/Slattery.
236Woolsey merged w/ Slattery
237DarkMage (from Slattery) // Alternate line taken from unused #244
238Slattery, re-punctuated for style // Alternate line taken from unused #244
239DarkMage (from Slattery) // Alternate line taken from unused #244
240DarkMage merged w/ Slattery
242Woolsey, edited for clarity.
243Slattery merged w/ kWhazit
244 (unused) Slattery.
246 (unused) (W)
248 (W & S). Note: ROSE v1.00 changes "Who're" to "Who are" due to Mato-induced paranoia
249Page 1: Woolsey merged w/ Slattery. // Page 2: Slattery.
250 (unused) Slattery, edited for clarity w/r/t kWhazit.
251kWhazit; "You'll die now" (kWhazit) -> "You won't be leaving here alive" (new); Last clause edited to match closer to Woolsey's line. Alternate taken from unused #250; appears if all possible information about Duncan & Vargas has been gathered from earlier NPCs.
252 (W & S)
254 (W)
255kWhazit, edited for style.
256Slattery; Novel "Vargas's" removed & reworked, in part to prevent the line from sounding too extroverted. Terra is supposed to be on the "scared" side of things lately...
257Woolsey, adapted for #256. Matches kWhazit.
259Page 1: Woolsey, re-punctuated for tone. // Page 2: Slattery. // Page 3: Slattery/Woolsey; "Returner hideout" -> "Returners' hideout".
260Page 1: Slattery, re-punctuated w/r/t kWhazit. // Page 2: Slattery merged w/ Woolsey. // Page 3: Slattery.
261Woolsey merged w/ Slattery.
263DarkMage merged w/ Woolsey/Slattery
265DarkMage (Slattery edited for style)
266 (W & S)
268DarkMage (based on Slattery), edited for clarity
269 (W & S)
270 (W & S)
271 (W & S)
272 (W)
273Woolsey; "GP" -> "gil"; Adaptive Dialog added for M.C. Cyan & Gau
274Woolsey; "GP" -> "gil"; Adaptive Dialog added for M.C. Cyan & Gau
275Slattery, reformatted.
276Slattery, edited liberally for style.
277kWhazit, reformatted for tone.
279New; Somewhat maintains the ambiguity of FF6j lit. "No fleeing!" -- (Is Banon speaking literally, or figuratively? [Issue raised by Lina Darkstar]). Woolsey makes it explicitly literal, Slattery makes it explicitly figurative.
281Slattery, edited for style; Uses Woolsey as starting point for the 5 vices, rather than Slattery's novel use of the 7 deadly sins; "violence" -> "wrath", "control" -> "coercion".
282Woolsey merged w/ Slattery, edited for style. Woolsey's novel "We now confront those evils..." segue is retained.
283 (W & S)
284kWhazit merged w/ Slattery.
285Slattery w/ Woolsey gil amount. Note: This is one of the falling chests in Owzer's house.
286Slattery w/ Woolsey item. Note: This is one of the falling chests in Owzer's house.
287Slattery w/ Woolsey item. Note: This is one of the falling chests in Owzer's house.
288Slattery w/ Woolsey item. Note: This is one of the falling chests in Owzer's house.
289Slattery; second sentence edited for style.
290 (unused) Slattery; lightly edited for style.
292Slattery; Alt line "Welcome! We've heard all about you." used when Terra/Locke/Sabin/Edgar not present
293 (W & S)
294 (W)
295 (W & S)
296Slattery; lightly edited for style.
298Woolsey, reformatted.
299Slattery; "wastebasket" -> "dustbin"
300Page 1: New rendering - same concept as Woolsey, but less awkward. // Page 2: Slattery, edited to sound less desperate. // Page 3: Slattery, edited to sound more certain and less speculative. Literal rendering may seem speculative (kWhazit: "you might have people..."), but it is more likely a rhetorical technique, rather than an attempt to be optimistic (Woolsey/Slattery: "I'm sure there are people...").
301Slattery merged w/ Woolsey, partially w/r/t DarkMage
302Slattery, edited for style, partially w/r/t Rodimus Primal
303Slattery merged w/ Woolsey
304Woolsey/Slattery edited for style; "become" -> "be" (kWhazit)
306 (W & S)
307Page 1: (W & S) // Page 2: Taken from unused #290.
308Page 1: (W & S) // Page 2: Taken from unused #290.
310Page 1: DarkMage. // Page 2 & 3: Slattery. // Page 4: Woolsey, reformatted.
311Woolsey, re-punctuated for tone w/r/t Slattery.
317DarkMage (Novel rendering to match better with the item received), edited for tone & structure w/r/t kWhazit
320 (W)
321Slattery; "Hey," -> "Whoa!" (DarkMage)
322Woolsey merged w/ Slattery
323 (unused) Slattery, re-punctuated for tone.
324DarkMage, "Those" -> "His" w/r/t Woolsey's "him"
325Woolsey; "Figaro" -> "South Figaro" (Slattery/FF6j)
326Woolsey; Pause added for pacing.
327Woolsey merged w/ Slattery.
328Page 1: kWhazit merged w/ DarkMage, some rephrasing for style. // Page 2: Slattery, rephrased to open with "Do NOT let..." a la Woolsey's "Don't let..."
330Page 1: Slattery. // Page 2: Woolsey, first sentence merged w/ Slattery for clarity. // Page 3: Woolsey merged w/ Slattery.
331Slattery, + "good chance" (kWhazit) -> "good opportunity".
334Slattery; alt line "Make sure they keep you safe, Banon!" added for M.C. Banon.
335Slattery; removed "huge, " which is a bit of a stretch and does not appear in Woolsey.
336kWhazit merged w/ Slattery. Using "Magitek" for "sorcerous / of sorcery".
337Slattery, reformatted.
338Woolsey, "is" -> "was" for clarity.
339 (W)
340Page 1: Slattery, edited for brevity. // Page 2: Slattery; Added clarification "Magitek" -> "a sorcerous power like Magitek". This is where the revised script makes explicit the pseudo-equivalence between "Magitek" and "sorcerous power" (See #87); a necessary addition somewhere early in the script, also needed here in particular since this is the point at which the conversation topic turns from the Empire to the War of the Magi.
341Woolsey; removed "ancient" w/r/t Slattery, kWhazit.
343kWhazit, edited for style. Note: Woolsey and Slattery's treatment here considered to make Locke sound too childlike.
344Page 1: Woolsey merged w/ Slattery. // Page 2: kWhazit, rephrased partially w/r/t Slattery; "you realize" (kWhazit) -> "after all". // Page 3: Part of a Slattery sentence, padded out for pacing. // Page 4: DarkMage, significantly rephrased. Novel reference to machinery (from Woolsey/Slattery) removed -- The clarfication added in #340 intends to solve the problem that motivated Woolsey's innovation; "energy" -> "supernatural energy" for clarity and style.
345kWhazit merged with Slattery; uses the general term "sorcerous power" rather than "Magitek power", in order not to diminish Terra's apparent self-association with the means described in #344 (as noted by Lina Darkstar). [Note: So far in the script, "Magitek" may be reasonably assumed only to refer to mechanical applications; "Magitek Knight" has not yet appeared.] So, this scene establishes the following: Magitek is the Empire's name for its application of sorcerous power; Sorcerous power, a tangible form of energy, may occur naturally in Espers; The Empire may be obtaining its sorcerous power by draining it from Espers, and this is how Terra believes she gained her own abilities.
346Page 1: Slattery, edited w/r/t/ kWhazit. Another opportunity taken to demonstrate "Magitek" as a speical name for "sorcerous" power. (See #87) // Page 2: New edit paraphrased from kWhazit, a bit more literal than Slattery. // Page 3: Slattery. // Page 4: DarkMage, likely based on Lina Darkstar. Lina Darkstar makes Espers plural, W & S is singular. Plural is nice because it lends a little more fuel for Locke's shocked reaction. I see no problem with Banon viewing the frozen Esper as a potential representative of the lost Espers as a collective. // Page 5: DarkMage, sans novelty. Slattery gives this line to Edgar, should be Locke.
347Page 1: Woolsey, lightly edited to bring the meaning more in line with kWhazit. // Page 2: Slattery.
348New edit, mostly literal, with elements taken from Woolsey, kWhazit, and Slattery
349Woosely; question mark added after ellipsis to make clear that Locke is nudging Terra for a response, and not just being a sap. (See FF6j, which does not use an ellipsis.)
350Page 1: kWhazit. // Page 2: Lina Darkstar, edited for style; kWhazit used as reference. Slattery's "What the hey" considered too modern.
351Woolsey with stutter in "E...emergency" restored w/r/t kWhazit, merged with Slattery.
353kWhazit merged w/ Woolsey
354 (W)
355 (W & S)
356Woolsey, repunctuated.
358 (W & S)
359New edit based on Mato "clutches"
360Woolsey merged w/ Slattery, lightly edited for style.
363 (unused) (W & S)
364 (unused) (W & S)
366Woolsey, repunctuated.
367 (unused) Slattery, repunctuated.
369Slattery; "on the fly" Woolseyism -> ", pronto". Too bold of me?
371Slattery, repunctuated for tone; alternate line taken from #373 for Locke in soldier costume
375Slattery, rephrased.
376Slattery merged w/ Woolsey; Woolsey "Of course!" -> "Oh, yeah...!"
378 (W & S).
379W & S, edited for style.
380Page 1: kWhazit merged with Slattery, incorporating Woolsey "cowards" // Page 2: Slattery.
381Page 1: New edit, Woolsey & kWhazit used as reference. // Page 2: DarkMage.
382Slattery, repunctuated.
383 (W & S).
385Slattery, repunctuated.
386Slattery, reworded to match Star Wars 1:1.
387Woolsey merged w/ Slattery.
389Page 1: Slattery. // Page 2: Slattery merged w/ kWhazit; Novel phrasing added: "The Returners are here!?"
391Woolsey merged w/ Lina Darkstar
392Page 1: Woolsey. // Page 2: Woolsey merged w/ kWhazit. // Page 3: Woolsey merged w/ Slattery & kWhazit
393 (W & S)
394W & S, repunctuated.
395(W & S)
396Slattery. (#396 & #397 are reversed in Woolsey)
397Slattery, reformatted. (#396 & #397 are reversed in Woolsey)
398 (W & S)
401Slattery merged w/ Woolsey, lightly edited for tone w/r/t kWhazit & Lina Darkstar.
403Page 1: kWhazit // Page 2: Slattery.
405 (W)
406Slattery, lightly edited for style.
407Slattery, lightly edited for style.
408Woolsey merged w/ Slattery.
409Slattery, ommited "inside".
410New edit in second person, keeps Woolsey "Rascals!"
411Slattery, repunctuated.
412Slattery, edited for style.
414Woolsey merged w/ Slattery. Keeps Woolsey "no sense of humor!".
415Slattery, repuncutated; alt line added for party leader Edgar/Banon
417Woolsey merged w/ kWhazit
418Page 1: DarkMage (Slattery lightly edited). // Page 2: Woolsey merged w/ Slattery.
419Page 1: kWhazit, repunctuated. // Page 2: Slattery, edited for style. // Page 3: Slattery merged w/ DarkMage.
421Page 1: Slattery. // Page 2: Slattery, edited for brevity. // Page 3: Slattery merged w/ kWhazit.
422Page 1: Woolsey merged w/ Slattery. // Page 2: Slattery; lightly edited to be more consistent with the fact that the Empire had just massacred 8 of the town's guards just a few days prior.
423Page 1: Woolsey merged w/ Slattery. // Page 2: Slattery edited for brevity.
424Slattery, repunctuated.
425Slattery merged w/ Woolsey.
427Page 1: Slattery. // Page 2: Spooniest, repunctuated. // Page 3: kWhazit merged w/ Slattery. // Page 4: Slattery. // Page 5: Slattery, edited for brevity & style; Omitted "orange" (Slattery) as too specific of a detail for Edgar's apparent level of familiarity.
428Slattery (Woolsey w/ compound word "clockmaker"), edited for style.
429Woolsey, "clock maker" -> "clockmaker"; Adaptive Dialog label: party leader.
430Woolsey, reformated & lightly edited w/r/t Slattery for clarity & pacing.
431Woolsey's tone merged with Slattery's meaning
433 (unused) Slattery merged w/ Woolsey. Would make sense as a line by the traveling merchant.
438 (W)
439 (W & S)
440kWhazit, lightly edited for clarity; Adaptive Dialog w/ label for party leader.
441Woolsey merged w/ Slattery; Adaptive Dialog w/ label for party leader.
442Woolsey merged w/ Slattery
443Page 1 & 2: Woolsey merged w/ Slattery. // Page 3: Woolsey, Adaptive Dialog w/ label for party leader.
444Woolsey; Adaptive Dialog for party leader.
445W & S; Adaptive Dialog inserts text from unused caption #433 if Gau has not yet been recruited; Adaptive Dialog for party size.
446W & S; Adaptive Dialog w/ label for party leader.
447Slattery toned down w/r/t Woolsey.
449Woolsey, reformatted.
450Woolsey, slightly edited w/r/t Slattery.
451Page 1: W & S, reduced colloquiality. // Page 2: Slattery reordered w/r/t Woolsey, reduced colloquiality.
452Page 1 - 4: Slattery. // Page 5: Slattery + kWhazit. // Page 6: Woolsey, edited for punctuation.
453Page 1 - 4: Slattery. // Page 5: Slattery + kWhazit. // Page 6: Woolsey, edited for punctuation.
454New; reworded from Slattery.
455 (unused) Slattery.
456 (W)
457Woolsey merged w/ Slattery.
458Slattery, reformatted.
459Page 1: W & S, "Yahooo" -> "Hell, yeah!". "Yahooo" considered too friendly/endearing. "Yee-haw" was a candidate here, but would come off as too much of a caricature to some readers. // Page 2: Slattery.
460Page 1: Woolsey merged w/ kWhazit. // Page 2: Slattery. // Page 3: Merged Woolsey, Lina Darkstar, DarkMage; reworded for style. // Page 4: Slattery. // Page 5: Woolsey merged w/ Slattery.
461Woolsey merged w/ Slattery.
462Page 1: (W & S) // Page 2: Woolsey edited w/r/t Spooniest. // Page 3: Slattery.
463Page 1: DarkMage merged w/ Slattery. // Page 2: Woolsey, repunctuated for tone. // Page 3: Woolsey.
464Page 1: Slattery, lightly edited for style. // Page 2 & 3: (W & S)
465DarkMage, lightly edited for style. Omits FF6j/Woolsey "knife", considered too redundant (and thus cheesy) with caption #467.
466Page 1: Woolsey, repunctuated w/r/t Rodimus Primal // Page 2: Woolsey merged w/ kWhazit. // Page 3: Slattery, lightly edited for style.
467Page 1 & 2: Slattery. // Page 3: Slattery, "wet" -> "piss" // Page 4: Woolsey.
468 (W & S)
469 (W & S)
470Woolsey, reformatted partly w/r/t kWhazit
472Page 1: Woolsey. // Page 2: Slattery.
473Woolsey merged w/ Slattery.
474 (W & S)
475Slattery; "smack" -> "right smack", added "Impresario" label, removed "Oh, dear..." w/r/t Woolsey.
476 (W)
478Page 1: Slattery. // Page 2: Slattery merged w/ Woolsey.
479 (W)
480Page 1: Slattery; lightly edited for tone. // Page 2 & 3: Slattery.
481Reworked Slattery.
482DarkMage (reworked Slattery, fantastic humor).
483OPTIONAL CONTINUE. (normally unused blank caption)
484New. "Rogue" (Woolsey) said by a soldier is considered ambiguous. "Swine" (Slattery) considered too archaic.
485Mostly new; "an Imperial [Woolsey, Slattery]" -> "the Imperial", since this line is meant for the case where Sabin has met Shadow, and thus has already heard about the camp. Adaptive Dialog added for the case where the party has met Shadow, but Sabin has not, using caption #481 for alt text.
486Slattery, lightly repunctuated for tone.
487Slattery, edited for simplicity.
490Page 1: Slattery, lightly edited for style. // Page 2: "Kefka, sir!" -> "Lord Kefka, sir!" (DarkMage) // Page 3: Slattery merged w/ Woolsey.
491Page 1: Slattery merged w/ kWhazit. // Page 2: 1st sentence - Slattery lightly edited for style. 2nd sentence - New; attempt to localize FF6j insult / figure of speech lit. "feed him the grime off of General Leo's nails [kWhazit]"
493Page 1: Slattery merged w/ Woolsey. // Page 2: Slattery.
494Slattery merged w/ Woolsey.
495DarkMage (based on Slattery) merged w/ Woolsey.
496Slattery, somewhat simplified and restructured w/r/t kWhazit.
497 (W & S)
500 (W)
501 (W & S)
502Slattery; added kWhazit "to the homeland" -> "to the capital"
504Page 1: Slattery merged w/ kWhazit (verb tense) // Page 2: Slattery. // Page 3: Slattery.
505Slattery. (Woolsey + capitalization corrected)
507Woosley; Adaptive Dialog converts into conversation w/ Sabin if Shadow is party leader
508Woolsey merged w/ Slattery
509Woolsey merged w/ Slattery. Adaptive Dialog adds speaker label & slightly adjusts tone if Shadow is party leader
510Slattery; Adaptive Dialog adds speaker label & slightly adjusts tone if Shadow is party leader
511Slattery; Adaptive Dialog adds speaker label & slightly adjusts tone if Shadow is party leader
513Page 1: Woolsey merged w/ Slattery (verb tense) // Page 2: Woolsey/Slattery, reformatted for comedic effect; Adaptive Dialog added for speaker label. Page 3: Spooniest merged w/ DarkMage.
514Slattery; "water" -> "boring creek"
515Page 1: Slattery. // Page 2: Woolsey merged w/ Slattery.
516Page 1: Slattery; "Try not to" -> "Don't" to avoid phrase duplication w/r/t #515. Slattery's use of Kefka's name is novel, and well worth it. // Page 2: Slattery; "those" -> "lands (Woolsey)".
517Slattery merged w/ Woolsey
518Page 1: (W & S) // Page 2: Woolsey/Slattery repunctuated. // Page 3: Woolsey merged w/ Slattery. // Page 4: First sentence Slattery, second sentence kWhazit. // Page 5: First sentence Spooniest "serve(s) them right" merged with Lina Darkstar "fools", second sentence Woolsey.
519Slattery. (Woolsey, "That's" -> "You're")
520Woolsey; "You're history" -> "You're in for it" w/r/t kWhazit "I'll make you suffer"
521(unused) kWhazit; "twit" -> "dolt". "Are you that desparate to suffer!?" very literal rendering actually works here.
522Slattery, appended Woolsey "What a toad!" off-the-wall insult
523Woolsey merged w/ Slattery
524New. "Wait (Woolsey et al.)" -> "Stop" to avoid over-repetition with the battle dialog. Adaptive Dialog switches to alternate line, unused #521, for this caption when player catches up with Kefka.
525Woolsey merged w/ Slattery & referencing kWhazit. "Oh, gripe" -> "Shit"
527Woolsey; "Hee, hee!" -> "Hee-hee... (Slattery)"
528Woolsey; "COMMANDER" -> "Captain (Slattery)"
529Slattery (Woolsey lightly edited).
533Slattery merged w/ Woolsey, lightly edited for style.
539Slattery, edited for style.
541 (W)
542Page 1: Lina Darkstar // Page 2: Slattery; label "King" -> "King of Doma" (lit. King Doma [W])
543Page 1: Woolsey; "Excellency" (atypical for monarchs) -> "my liege" (more generic for subject addressing his lord) // Page 2: Slattery; "King" -> "King of Doma" (see #542), First sentence "Oh, Cyan..." -> "Ah, it is you..." since FF6j & Woolsey do not use Cyan's name (& King uses Cyan's name shortly after). // Page 3: kWhazit. // Page 4: W & S; "King" -> "King of Doma" (see #542) // Page 5: Slattery, shortened w/r/t Woolsey. // Page 6: Slattery, repunctuated for tone w/r/t kWhazit/FF6j
544Page 1: Slattery; lies->lieth (basis "the difficulty lieth not here" found in 17th century publication) // Page 2: Woolsey; "Uhh..."->"Uhn...", reformatted for pacing, "KING DOMA" -> "King of Doma" (see #542) // Page 3: Slattery; removed novel ", my lord". // Page 4: Slattery; "King" -> "King of Doma" (see #542), "your family" -> "them [novel]" for style, "cough" -> "hack [Woolsey]". // kWhazit, recapitalized.
545New; close to literal "Be strong [kWhazit]"/"Pull yourself together", but rendered to better fit the scene. Other translations don't seem to capture very well the fact that Elayne is found already gravely unconscious from the poisoning, almost certainly dead, and Cyan is calling for her to come to. Woolsey's rendering isn't wrong per se, but it does give an impression of having missed something of the obvious gravity of Elayne's condition.
546New. kWhazit ("Can such... Can such a thing be allowed...?") keeps FF6j's structure, but Slattery's word choice ("This is...unpardonable") is closer to literal; neither "allowed" nor "(un)pardonable" feel credible here on a raw emotional level. "(Un)forgivable" would be closer; What's important is Cyan expressing that this evil is great enough to make even the possibility of atonement unimaginable. The new edit forgoes mentioning forgiveness explicitly in order to focus in on the extremity of the evil -- which is really what kWhazit/FF6j "...such a thing..." is capturing as well. Note: line similar to Woolsey's "can't be happening" used via Slattery in #560. "Unforgivable" comes back explicitly in #561.
547Slattery; removed extra exclamation point w/r/t FF6j
548Slattery; "master" -> "liege [Woolsey]"
549Slattery; second sentence converted to a question w/r/t kWhazit/FF6j
550Rodimus Primal (Woolsey, "lowdown"->"vicious [Lina Darkstar]", "contemptible"->"evil"); "Doma Sentry" -> "Doman Sentry [Slattery]"
552DarkMage (Slattery; "enemies" -> "foes", "tired" -> "weary").
553Slattery, edited for reduced coherence w/r/t kWhazit & Woolsey. "D... Dear me [Woolsey]", while currently considered still too coherent for the extreme shock that Cyan is experiencing, warrants reconsideration. It's an absolutely nauseating rendering, in a good way.
555Slattery; w/ alt. line via Adaptive Dialog to avoid repetition: kWhazit
557New. "Highness [Woolsey]"/"Excellency [Slattery]" considered less appropriate for a monarch -> "Majesty"
559 (W & S)
560First sentence adapted from Slattery, or Woolsey in #546; Second sentence New; similar to Slattery "This is not possible...", edited to better match the meaning and intensity of Woolsey ("Idiotic!") and FF6j (lit. "This is stupid!", a difficult-to-translate expression for disbelief towards an outrageous situation).
561New. Elements of Slattery/Woolsey, both considered to miss the mark in terms of passion; rhythm informed by kWhazit/FF6j; intensity informed by Lina Darkstar; all-caps sentence influenced by Spooniest. Wording of final sentence matches Rodiums Primal.
562Slattery; "area's" -> "area is" for decreased friendliness
564Slattery; "Grrr!" -> "Rrraagh!" influenced by Lina Darkstar/kWhazit/Spooniest; "There will" -> "There'll" to reduce formality & increase passion
565First sentence "Rrraagh!" see #564; Second sentence kWhazit repunctuated w/r/t Slattery; "ye" -> "you" since "Which of___...?" should take the oblique case (i.e. Which of them...?), and the archaic second person plural oblique personal pronoun is apparently "you" exclusively. Confirmed basis found in 17th century publications (Which of you doth...)
566Slattery; one of the two extra exclamation points removed w/r/t Woolsey/kWhazit/FF6j
567First sentence Slattery; Second sentence Woolsey. Alt text "Gotta" -> "We've gotta" via Adaptive Dialog if M.C. Shadow (Sabin still speaker).
569Slattery; "me" -> "us" via Adaptive Dialog if M.C. Shadow (Sabin still speaker).
570Slattery; Adaptive Dialog makes second person plural if M.C. Shadow.
571Spooniest (reworded from Woolsey); "Lemme" -> "Let me [Woolsey]"; added question "Who's next!?" to the beginning, influenced by more accurate Slattery/kWhazit/FF6j; Adaptive Dialog if M.C. Shadow- changes line to Slattery
572Slattery; "Grrr!" -> "Rrraagh!" (see #564); added "Sir [Woolsey]" -> "sire".
573Slattery merged w/ Woolsey; "do" -> "finish [Woolsey unused #575]", since Cyan & Sabin have already been 'doing this together' for two battles so far. The line may have intended "this" to refer to the pending battle only, but the ambiguity makes it easily come across as though Cyan has been obstinately refusing Sabin's help to that point.
575(unused) Slattery.
576Slattery; inserted "truly" w/r/t kWhazit "verily"; added "sire" w/r/t Woolsey "kind sir". Using "sire" early as much as possible in order to adequately prep for #597.
577Woolsey; "Eeoooa" -> "Rrraagh" (see #564); "Be you" -> "Art thou [Slattery]"; "enemy" -> "foe [Spooniest]"; reformatted.
578Woolsey; Dynamic Dialog alt line for M.C. Shadow: Slattery, lightly edited for style.
579Slattery; removed one extra exclamation point w/r/t Woolsey
580First & second sentence Darkmage; Third sentence Woolsey merged w/ Slattery
581Page 1: Slattery merged w/ kWhazit. // Page 2: Woolsey merged w/ Slattery.
582Spooniest; reworded to be closer to literal (kWhazit, Slattery).
584Woolsey, reworded for more literal meaning w/r/t kWhazit. Wordy retranslations (Slattery "...this monstrosity!") seem to detract from the humor of Cyan plowing through a bunch of soldiers.
585Slattery, "let's" -> "we're gonna" for style.
586 (W)
589Page 1: New; common figure of speech which, when interpreted, has a meaning slightly closer to literal (w/r/t Mato & kWhazit) than Slattery. (When the ironic pun was realized, it instantly blew away about four other candidates for the line.) Slattery's opening "Okay" -> "Whew" to avoid repetition w/ #585. There is a slight chance this line was actually meant to explain why Cyan joined Sabin permanently, and if so, Lina Darkstar was the only one to partially pick up on that. The next page uses the first person plural (same as Woolsey) to help make up for it if that meaning was erroneously missed. // Page 2: Woolsey; "Say," -> "So, [Slattery]". // Page 3: Slattery; "passes" -> "passeth".
590Woolsey merged w/ kWhazit; "garbage" -> "junk [DarkMage]"
591 (W)
593Slattery repunctuated w/r/t kWhazit.
594Slattery; "might these be" -> "are these [Woolsey]"; added ", sire" to help prep for #597.
596Slattery; added ", sire" to help prep for #597.
597Page 1: First sentence Slattery; Second sentence Woolsey, edited to use "Sire" as Sabin's initial slip-up rather than "Thou art". Neither is particularly believeable; however, the more syllables are involved, and the further one has to slip from modern English to get there, the harder it is to suspend one's disbelief for the sake of the joke. // Page 2: Slattery; "you!" -> "thee... No, YOU! Dammit! [novel]" Sometimes the best fruit is hanging so low, it would be a crime not to pick it. Now that the baseline gag is established, it can be repeated in exaggerated fashion for the real comedic payoff. Partial justification for the extension is also found in the fact that Slattery's exasperation is subdued ("Great, ...") while the original FF6j demands an exclamation ("Confound it all! [Woolsey]" / "Oh crap! [kWhazit]").
600Woolsey; "It'll" -> "It will [Slattery]"; "throughout" -> "all throughout [Slattery]"
601Slattery (Woolsey recapitalized).
603kWhazit merged w/ Woolsey.
605Slattery, "Have you heard about" -> "Are you familiar with" to more closely match meaning of kWhazit
606First and second sentence Slattery, w/ Adaptive Dialog for Confirm/Cancel button config; Third sentence Woolsey, "View" -> "Open", "Main Menu" -> "field menu", recapitalized.
607Page 1: Slattery merged w/ Woolsey. // Page 2: Woolsey; "increasing" -> "an upgrade in", "decreasing" -> "a downgrade in". // Page 3: Woolsey; inserted "An equals sign" before '=' at the beginning. // Page 4: Woolsey; inserted "The letter" before 'E' at the beginning. // Page 5: Slattery.
608DarkMage (reworded & shortened Slattery); "without fear of being attacked" -> "without being attacked".
609Slattery; "both the L and R buttons" -> "the L and R buttons simultaneously".
610Page 1: Slattery. // Page 2: "battle commands" -> "a battle command" // Page 3: Slattery; updated for SNES button map
612Page 1: Slattery merged w/ Woolsey. // Page 2: Darkmage, lightly edited for consistency with following page. // Page 3: Slattery, lightly edited for clarity.
613Slattery, "attacking" -> "currently attacking" for clarity.
614Page 1: Slattery, "numbers" -> "numerals". // Page 2: New explanation for colored MP numerals.
615Slattery, lightly edited for clarity.
616New, semi-informed by Slattery & kWhazit; Adaptive Dialog added for M.C. Cyan & Gau.
617Page 1: Woolsey merged w/ Slattery. // Page 2: Slattery, "skills" -> "abilities". // Page 3 & 4: Slattery; "0" -> "zero", sentences reordered w/r/t kWhazit. // Page 5: Woolsey; "weapon" -> "physical attack".
618Slattery. (confirmed w/r/t kWhazit)
619Slattery; reworded for second-person to be similar to #617. Slattery uses combined sentences here instead of headers with explanations (Woolsey/FF6j) (see #617).
620First sentence DarkMage, "core" -> "prime" w/r/t kWhazit "prime traits"; Second sentence Slattery.
621Slattery, lightly edited for clarity.
622DarkMage (Slattery lightly edited); "unique battle skills" -> "specialized battle commands".
623Slattery, reworded for style (simpler second person)
624Page 1: Slattery. // Page 2: kWhazit.
626Page 1: Slattery; "you have" -> "you've obtained". // Page 2: Woolsey, Adaptive Dialog on Yes/No choice for M.C. Cyan & Gau.
627Page 1: Slattery; "Abilities" -> "Ability"; "main menu" -> "menu (Woolsey)". // Page 2: Slattery lightly reworded, Adaptive Dialog for configured confirm button. // Page 3: DarkMage; Added "Note that" to the beginning w/r/t Woolsey "Remember" / kWhazit "The catch is that". // Page 4: (W) // Page 5: Slattery reworded into second person. // Page 6: Slattery, reworded for style. // Page 7: kWhazit, reworded into second person.
628DarkMage; "gain in experience" -> "gain experience"
629Page 1: DarkMage merged w/ Slattery. // Page 2 & 3: Slattery.
630New. Rewritten to reduce ambiguity & match what happens onscreen. It's a tutorial.
631Slattery, reformatted.
632Slattery, reformatted.
633Slattery, reformatted.
634Slattery, reformatted.
635Slattery, reformatted.
636Slattery, reformatted.
637Slattery, removed one of three exclamation points. (FF6j has none.)
638Slattery merged w/ Woolsey.
640Woolsey/Slattery; "Crescent Island" -> "Greater Delta Island" (lit. "Greater Triangle Island [kWhazit]". "Delta" is more literal of a shape than "Crescent". "Greater" implies the existence of a "Lesser", a hint pointing to the small triangular island accessible later on.
642Woolsey, reformatted.
643Woolsey; "power" -> "lost power"; "exists" -> "exists in traces" w/r/t "weak though it may be [Slattery]" / "though only faintly [kWhazit]"; "Crescent" -> "Greater Delta" (see #640).
645(unused) Slattery.
647Slattery merged w/ Woolsey
649Woolsey; "Chop" -> "Chop chop"; "Let's go" -> "Time to"
651Slattery/Woolsey; Adaptive Dialog adjusts tone according to the current M.C. (Sabin/Cyan/Shadow/Ghost)
652 (W)
654kWhazit; "Such talk as this is no strong point of mine." -> new "I was clearly made not for this sort of banter" partly w/r/t Woolsey "this kind of talk"
655 (W)
656 (W & S)
657New; meaning close to kWhazit, uses second person w/r/t Woolsey; "A_are you [Woolsey]" -> "A-art thou"
658Woolsey, reformatted; "are you" -> "You" for brevity
659Woolsey, reformatted.
660First sentence Slattery; Second sentence kWhazit, "engine room" -> "engineer's cabin [DarkMage]"
661Page 1: Woolsey; memorable aggressive tone preferred over literal "I'm this train's conductor [Slattery]"; "I manage" -> "I'm in charge of". // Page 2: Slattery; restored "Hmmm..." at the top of the page, which was impossible on the GBA version's 3-line captions; Adaptive Dialog added for M.C. Cyan.
662First sentence Slattery merged w/ Woolsey, "departed [Slattery]" -> "dead [kWhazit]"; Second sentence Woolsey, "can" -> "may [DarkMage]" w/r/t Slattry "are granted" / kWhazit "gain" -- the eternal rest acquired is given as somewhat distinct from the place of rest itself.
663Slattery. Woolsey ("Can't follow us now") is much more literal here, but Slattery feels more natural. Early ROSE effort to split the difference ("Should be the last we see of 'em...") was too awkward to retain in the long run.)
664Page 1: Slattery. // Page 2: First sentence kWhazit, second sentence Slattery reformatted.
665Page 1: Slattery; "This train" -> "The Phantom Train [Woolsey]" w/r/t kWhazit. // Page 2: kWhazit, edited for style & tone w/r/t Woolsey; "war" -> "conflict [Slattery]", pseudo-intensifier "possibly [kWhazit] -> pseudo-intensifier "any sort of"
666 (W) (Early ROSE effort used kWhazit)
667Slattery; "I think" -> "Perhaps [Spooniest]"; "touch" -> "tamper with [Rodimus Primal]"
668Woolsey & Slattery; removed exclamation point w/r/t kWhazit
670Slattery. (Early ROSE effort used Woolsey.)
672Woolsey merged w/ Slattery and slightly reworded for style. Slattery's extension to the dialog verified w/r/t kWhazit
673Woolsey merged w/ kWhazit. Woolseyism "a total klutz" -> toned down "totally helpless", still more interesting rhetoric than Slattery's "afraid", and more accurate than Slattery as well (kWhazit: "no good", Lina Darkstar: "bad")
674First sentence: Slattery. Second sentence: kWhazit, removed exclamation point (present in FF6j) w/r/t Woolsey & Slattery. Would get the same result by simply rewording Woolsey to the archaic Cyan style.
675Page 1: Woolsey merged w/ Slattery, lightly reworded for brevity & style. // Page 2: Slattery; "could" -> "might [kWhazit]"
676 (W & S)
683Slattery; "Whew" -> "Phew" w/r/t kWhazit "*pant* *pant*" -- "Whew" considered to indicate less exhaustion; Adaptive Dialog removes "all" for M.C. Cyan
684Woolsey/Slattery; Adaptive Dialog adds speaker label for M.C.
685Woolsey/Slattery; words divided by syllable rather than by letter
686 (W & S)
687Woolsey, repunctuated for suspense.
688First sentence Woolsey; Second sentence Slattery.
689Woolsey, fixed punctuation.
691Woolsey or Slattery depending on M.C. via Adaptive Dialog
692Slattery reworded for brevity & tone w/r/t Woolsey; "I believe" -> "I'm afraid"; ", Sir Sabin" removed w/r/t FF6j/kWhazit
693Page 1: New, very common exclamation upon having an idea. // Page 2: Slattery.
694Page 1: First sentence Slattery; Second sentence Woolsey, edited for simpler literal meaning w/r/t kWhazit & Slattery. // Page 2: Woolsey; The sudden hyper-Zen tone of Sabin in Woolsey's rendering here is great humor.
695 (W)
696Slattery, broken up into one speakers per sentence w/r/t FF6j/kWhazit; Adaptive Dialog adds speaker labels based on sprite position.
698Page 1: Woolsey merged w/ Slattery; uses "Ziegfried [Woolsey]" here rather than "Siegfried [Slattery]". // Page 2: Woolsey; "grandpa, here," -> "Grandpa there [Slattery]"; "run" -> "lumber away [DarkMage]". Note: This script reframes Woolsey's likely unintended misnomer "Ziegfried" as an alternate spelling used only for the fake Siegfried.
699Page 1: Woolsey; "manicurist" -> "grandma's manicurist" modifier supplied in order to parallel "greatest swordsman". (Note for the unseasoned: 'Grandma' here is a fixed trash-talking device, not a literal reference to a person.) // Page 2: DarkMage (Woolsey lightly reworded, adds "En garde! [Slattery]" to the end); "Allow me" -> "Allow me, then," for cohesion.
700Woolsey; "bag of wind" -> "windbag" (Gives alliteration to the phrase; also no reason to reinvent the original metaphor from the compound word). Note: Slattery uses "windbag" in #699.
701First sentence Slatter merged w/ Woolsey, uses "Ziegfried" (see #698); Second sentence Slattery, "But..." -> "But still..." in order to ham it up slightly w/r/t the very drama-queenish renderings of Woolsey ("I...I'm the greatest...") & Lina Darkstar ("Howeeeever!"). Note: Woolsey's rendering is novel.
702Woolsey; "SIGFRIED" -> "Ziegfried" (See #698)
703Woolsey; "train cars" -> "cars" w/r/t Slattery
704Slattery; "compartment" -> "cabin [DarkMage]"; "We've gotta" -> "Gotta [Woolsey]"; Adaptive Dialog adjusts wording/tone for M.C. Cyan/Shadow.
705Page 1: Slattery. (Woolsey splits into two pages, which could potentially indicate a second speaker for the second line, but FF6j gives no such indication.) // Page 2: Slattery; "train" -> "engine [kWhazit]".
711Slattery, lightly edited for style.
712Page 1: Woolsey. // Page 2: Woolsey, reworded for style. Deviates from FF6j (kWhazit: "An we continue on riding, such will come to pass" / Slattery: "Unless we find a way off, I am afraid that is exactly where we will end up..."), but Woolsey's version is a well-taken opportunity to remind the player of Cyan's grief -- and is kind of humorous at the same time.
713First sentence Woolsey, lightly edited for style & cohesion. Second sentence Slattery, "If it" -> "If this thing" w/r/t Woolsey, adds exclamation point w/r/t kWhazit sentences 1 & 3. // Page 2: (W & S)
714 (W & S)
715Page 1: Slattery. // Page 2: Slattery; "He seems" -> "This one seemeth". // Page 3: Slattery, reformatted; "No way!" -> "Forget it!" w/r/t Woolsey #716.
717Slattery; Adaptive Dialog adds speaker label & adjusts wording for M.C. Cyan.
718Slattery; Adaptive Dialog adds speaker label & rewords for M.C. Cyan
719Slattery; removed novel second line.
720Page 1: Slattery. // Page 2: Slattery; removed "this train" w/r/t kWhazit "Needs we must leave quickly!"
721Woolsey merged w/ kWhazit.
722Woolsey merged w/ Slattery.
723Slattery/Woolsey repunctuated.
724 (W & S)
725 (W)
726Slattery; removed exclamation point from second sentence w/r/t Woolsey.
727Slattery; "Is that" -> "Could it be" to avoid repetition w/ #726 "Was that".
728 (W & S)
729Slattery; "faster" -> "sooner" w/r/t meaning of kWhazit & Woolsey
730 (W & S)
731Slattery; "so happy" -> "so very happy" for added elegance w/r/t kWhazit "I had every happiness with you."
732Slattery; "Dad" -> "Papa", "Mom" -> "Mama" (DarkMage).
733Slattery merged w/ Woolsey.
734 (W)
735Slattery (Woolsey repunctuated)
736Page 1: Slattery; "south of here" -> "south" for brevity w/r/t Woolsey & kWhazit, "lies" -> "lieth", "ferocious" -> "vicious [kWhazit]". // Page 2 & 3: Slattery. // Page 4: Woolsey merged w/ Slattery, inserted novel "sire" w/r/t Spooniest "sir" for style; "we can reach [Woolsey]" -> less-certain "we should be able to reach" w/r/t kWhazit "ought to be".
737 (W & S)
738First sentence Slattery/Woolsey, replaced exclamation point (w/r/t FF6j & kWhazit) with intensifying edit "your help" -> "all the help"; Second sentence Slattery.
739 (W & S)
740Woolsey; "You crazy?" -> "You crazy!?" w/r/t DarkMage
741Woolsey merged w/ Slattery
742Slattery; Adaptive Dialog adds speaker label & adjusts for M.C. Cyan
743Woolsey, extended based on Slattery; "You" -> "You folks" & "flowing" -> "flowin'" for tone w/r/t Lina Darkstar '...everyone bears a thick country accent, further emphasizing the backwater nature of the place'; Adaptive Dialog adjusts for party size and makeup
745New; based on Slattery, but rewritten for style w/r/t Lina Darkstar (see #743)
747 (W)
748 (W)
749Page 1: Slattery. // Page 2: Slattery; edited for brevity; "thinking" -> "thinkin'" for style w/r/t Lina Darkstar (see #743)
750First two sentences Slattery; removed novel/paraphrased extended content; Third sentence New, based on Mato/FF6j middle sentence missing from Woolsey ("You should be careful [Mato]") & tone informed by Lina Darkstar (see #743).
751Slattery; edited for style w/r/t Lina Darkstar (See #743); Adaptive Dialog for M.C. Gau & timing.
752Page 1: Slattery. // Page 2: Slattery; edited for brevity & tone w/r/t Woolsey; Adaptive Dialog for M.C. Gau.
753DarkMage (Slattery edited for clarity); "that current" -> "those currents" for consistency w/ #752.
754Page 1: Slattery. // Page 2: Slattery; "our only diving helmet was" -> "our diving helmets were all" for believability.
755First sentence Slattery heavily edited: removed "greviously injured" (replaced by Woolsey in sentence 2), "wandered" -> "was found limping"; removed "not too long ago" for brevity w/r/t Woolsey; Second sentence Woolsey; Third sentence Slattery, "his condition doesn't seem to be improving..." -> "things aren't looking good" for brevity & style w/r/t Woolsey "It doesn't look good". // Page 2: Slattery.
756Slattery; "Mom" -> "Mama"
758Woolsey merged w/ Slattery; Slattery's novel clarification -> "the other day [kWhazit]"; Adaptive Dialog for M.C. Gau. Note: Woolsey & Slattery use "animals" instead of "monsters [kWhazit]", likely for believability's sake.
759First sentence Slattery (Woolsey considered a little awkard/unclear in spite of good style); Second sentence Slattery; "I can" -> "My service can", "service" used to retain something of Woolsey's "I am at your service", also somewhat justified by Mato's interpretation, that the line is said 'in a polite way...you would talk to a customer' as a representative of a 'business'.
761Page 1: Slattery; "Injured Lad" -> "Wounded Soldier [kWhazit/Mato]". // Page 2: Slattery merged w/ Woolsey; Woolsey's "caught me_and did this_" parallels kWhazit "found and maimed"; Slattery beats around the bush even more than Woolsey. // Page 3: W & S, "see Lola" -> "see my Lola" for coherence, influenced by DarkMage's novel "see my dearest Lola". // Page 4: Slattery.
762Page 1: Slattery. (Early ROSE effort based more on Woolsey; Slattery's accuracy confirmed by Mato.) // Page 2: Slattery. // Page 3: First sentence New, based on meaning of kWhazit "How is your health doing?" -- kWhazit already suggests that Lola knows of the soldier's injuries, Woolsey never makes it explicit, Slattery does not indicate it until later; Second sentence Woolsey merged w/ kWhazit; Third sentence Woolsey. // Page 4: Slattery. // Page 5: Woolsey merged w/ kWhazit; "every day [kWhazit]" -> "each day".
763Slattery; added "Wounded Soldier" speaker label from #761; repunctuated w/r/t kWhazit -- ellipsis hints at the sidequest.
765Slattery; "so I can" -> "and" for brevity; added speaker label "Wounded Soldier" from #761.
769Slattery; "some potion" -> "a potion left" w/r/t kWhazit "a few more Potions"
771Slattery. (Note: Early ROSE effort made edit "heard from you" -> "gotten a reply from you [kWhazit]" because of concerns about the phrase being potentially technically wrong in the context of a written letter, but there is actually plenty of basis in both pre- and post-20th century (telephone) literature for exactly that.)
775Slattery; added "Lola" speaker label
776Slattery; added "Lola" speaker label; "a record" -> "this record", since the point about the record is that it was a particular special one, though "the record [DarkMage]" would go a little too far and imply Lola somehow expects the characters already to know all about it.
777Slattery; added "Lola" speaker label; first sentence repunctuated w/r/t Woolsey
778First sentence Woolsey, "that" -> "his" for similar reason to the note for #776 takes the place of Slattery's novel clarification "he'd been reading"; Second & third sentences Slattery; added "Lola" speaker label.
779Woolsey merged w/ Slattery.
781Page 1: Slattery, repunctuated w/r/t FF6j/kWhazit. // Page 2: Slattery. // Page 2: Woolsey; "Tintinabar" -> "Tintinnabulum [Slattery]", reformatted.
782Page 1: Slattery. // Page 2: Slattery; Slattery's novel "dirty" -> "plated" for consistency w/ the diving helmet graphic
783Slattery; repunctuated w/r/t Woolsey; "I wonder if" -> "Think" for grammar pet peeve & brevity w/r/t Woolsey.
784New, based on kWhazit, third person ("each of us") rather than second person, edited to suggest the existence of more than one helmet.
785First sentence Woolsey & Slattery; Second sentence DarkMage; novel "This cave" -> "This". DarkMage edit gives Sabin a little more credit than all primary translations.
787 (W)
788Page 1: W & S // Page 2: Slattery; "It seems" -> "'Twould seem"
789 (W)
792Slattery; "What is it" -> "What's wrong"
794Woolsey; "in there" ->"in it [kWhazit]"
795Page 1: Slattery, edited for archaic style. // Page 2: New; based on kWhazit but uses Woolsey-like wording; The difference is between agreeing earnestly with Cyan (kWhazit/Lina Darkstar) and agreeing potentially snarkily (Woolsey/Slattery).
797Slattery; first sentence repunctuated w/r/t kWhazit.
798Page 1: Slattery; second sentence reformed as a question w/r/t kWhazit (& FF6j?). // Page 2: Woolsey; delay replaced with leading ellipsis, since this line went on a new page.
799 (W)
800Woolsey; "Gau's" -> "Sir Gau's". Note: FF6j & Slattery do not have Gau's name here, instead refer to the "shiny" treasure. Woolsey's novelty is preferred.
802Slattery; "few" -> "few notable" for immersion.
804Slattery; "hands of the Empire" -> "Empire's hands" as well?
805First sentence Slattery merged w/ Woolsey; Second sentence Slattery, or adaptive dialog for after party obtains airship, when it is unlikely the characters have just emerged from the ocean ("covered in filth").
806Slattery; "This island's" -> "Nikeah's"; adaptive dialog for unblocked land route.
812Page 1: Woolsey, "sailing" -> "sailing all the time" for flow. // Page 2: Woolsey, reformatted, "smashed" -> "smashed by the Empire" w/r/t Slattery "lost to the Empire".
813Partial rewrite of Slattery with elements of Spooniest ("mouth of the" -> "mouth o' the"), Darkmage ("..., oh, thirteen years ago"), Lina Darkstar ("bloodstained", [FF6j lit. "red-stained"]), with additional checking against kWhazit for accuracy.
814First sentence "Hellooo there!" a semi-cross between Woolsey "Yoo hoo" and kWhazit "Heyyyyy" w/r/t FF6j ねぇ~; Second sentence Woolsey, repunctuated; Third sentence Rodimus Primal (Woolsey merged w/ Slattery); Fourth sentence Slattery.
815First sentence Woolsey, edited for archaic dialect; Second sentence Slattery.
816First two sentences Woolsey, lightly reworded for less negativity; Third sentence Slattery; Fourth sentence Darkmage (Slattery lightly reworded, removed the unnecessary humpty dumpty bit)
817New; follows pattern of Cyan (essentially) repeating back the dancer's own word.
818Page 1: Slattery; "Cyan" -> "Sir Cyan" formal address in jest w/r/t kWhazit "Cyan-san", "you're" -> "you are" to fit the slightly different tone. // Page 2: Slattery, "charms" -> "displays"; "Charms" has no explicit basis in FF6j and risks feeling like Cyan is farther gone than he really is; slightly reformatted for style.
819Slattery; "One of the" -> "Just one of the"
820Woolsey, "Stop" -> "No more"; "My ears are burnin'" -> "Come on [kWhazit]"; Adaptive dialog uses Slattery if Sabin is not in the party.
821Slattery; "And... ...*rant*...*rant*...*rant*..." -> "And...(rant)...(rave)..."
822New, split difference b/t Slattery and Woolsey, with a bit more of an eyeroll vibe. Adaptive Dialog assigns line to laughing party member closest to Cyan (adds speaker label); Adaptive Dialog alt line used if Gau/Umaro is the speaker.
824Slattery, edited for brevity w/r/t Woolsey
826kWhazit (same as Woolsey w/ "just" -> "but").
828Slattery; added ", sire." for style & one last use before WOR
832kWhazit, reworded for style.
833Page 1: First sentence DarkMage, second sentence Slattery edited for brevity; These are one sentence in FF6j ("It's been so long [kWhazit]"), so if keeping as two, best to have both as brief as possible; Third sentence Slattery, "Let me tell you" -> "I've got to say" to avoid repetition of the word "you" and the verb "tell/told" in the caption. // Page 2: Slattery. // Page 3: Woolsey, repunctuated. Sentence now ends in elipsis to more clearly imply the detail given in FF6j ("You'll use it to repair the roof [kWhazit]"). It's more humorous to keep it implicit.
834Slattery w/ Woolsey's punctuation. The first question mark is better left out for tone, and shouldn't be required because the first, partial thought is completed by the second.
836Page 1: First sentence kWhazit. Second sentence kWhazit, repunctuated w/r/t Woolsey, "But..." -> "Only..." // Page 2: Woolsey, toned down -- removed excalamation w/r/t kWhazit & Lina Darkstar, but slightly reworded to keep some of the jostled/protest feel. Keeps subject singular (Woolsey, Lina Darkstar) while kWhazit and Slattery have plural. // Page 3: New; compare meaning to kWhazit "It's the same thing", Lina Darkstar "Same thing", Woolsey "Something like it"; liberty to use second person granted from Slattery.
838kWhazit; "Bannan" -> "Banon", "Jun" -> Arvis"
839Page 1: Slattery. // Page 2: Slattery; "That's the reason" -> "It's for that very reason" w/r/t kWhazit "It was for that purpose" -- in Slattery's wording, it's easy to get the impression that the link between Espers and Magitek would have been obvious to the Elder, when in reality, Banon is presumably revealing that link to the Elder here for the first time; "esper that was discovered" -> "Esper you discovered" to avoid redundant use of the word "that", drawn from DarkMage "esper you unearthed". // Page 3: Slattery, substantially reworded to remove the "weapons of mass destruction" reference and reformatted for a single page; "allow the Empire to continue" -> "continue to allow the Empire" w/r/t kWhazit "keep letting the Empire".
840 (W & S)
841Page 1 & 2: Slattery; added "Guard" labels. // Page 2: Slattery.
844Woolsey; "wiped out" -> "massacred" w/r/t kWhazit; "wiped out" considered a bit too nonchalant of a term to use with Cyan in the room.
845Woolsey merged w/ Slattery. Kept "Everyone..." at the end w/r/t kWhazit, though order is different.
846W & S; added elipsis before "!" w/r/t FF6j, also adds more shock to the expression.
847Page 1: W & S; Page 2: Slattery merged w/ kWhazit; Page 3: Slattery; "we have nothing to fear" -> "we will have no more to fear" for more credibility & consistency, given that it would be lost on no one that neutral Narshe had just recently been violated by the Empire.
848Slattery. Woolsey's "That's nonsense" compares to kWhazit's "Nonsense!"; however, "Nonsense!" sounds like Locke is going to follow up with a persuasive argument, rather than instantly prove the Elder wrong with news of the impending Imperial attack.
849Slattery; "poised" -> "moving". "Poised" (W & S), while a nice word, here is considered too passive/generic, describing the disposition of the Empire without necessarily announcing anything new or impending -- and so detracts from the impact of the line.
850Page 1: kWhazit. // Page 2: Slattery, repunctuated for timing -- an explicit pause after "Celes here" w/r/t Woolsey & kWhazit, also long trailoff w/r/t FF6j "gen...... (kWhazit)" rather than an abrupt cutoff. Locke seems to be catching himself saying too much.
851First sentence Slattery, "her" -> "she" formal grammar fits with archaic style, "is" -> "IS" drawn from Spooniest, also nudges tone a little closer to literal "So that was it! (kWhazit)" / "So that's it! (Lina Darkstar)"; Second sentence DarkMage, "thy" -> "her", lightly repunctuated, compare to kWhazit "I thought it a face I had seen somewhere..."; Third sentence kWhazit/Darkmage.
852First sentence kWhazit, "destroyed the country" -> "torched (Woolsey) the lands", lightly repunctuated for rhythm; Second sentence kWhazit merged w/ Lina Darkstar, confirmed w/r/t Mato; Third sentence Slattery, minus the inventive repurposing of the "dog" comment at the end.
853Page 1: kWhazit superimposed on Woolsey's tone & rhythm. // Page 2: Slattery. // Page 3: Slattery, broken into two sentences w/r/t FF6j & Woolsey; "I won't" -> "I'll never" to push Locke's overkilled sentiment a touch farther, adding fuel for Edgar's reaction.
854New; Converted to a figure of speech for subtlety.
855Slattery (Woolsey repunctuated).
856Slattery; "doesn't mean that all" -> "doesn't mean all"
857First sentence Woolsey minus an exclamation point; Second sentence New -- like Woolsey ("The Empire cometh!"), opts exchanges explicit "attack" for a reference to the approach; Lina Darkstar kept it literal "The Empire's attacking!" while Slattery & kWhazit make slight deviations in their own way to better match the following scene.
858Woolsey; "what you do here" -> "what you have to do (Slattery)"; compare to kWhazit "no matter what it takes".
859Page 1: Woolsey merged w/ Slattery; Page 2: Slattery. // Page 3: kWhazit, repunctuated for the speaker getting cut off -- kWhazit is the only source that renders the line as getting interrupted; "But" -> "But, sir, (Slattery, novel)". Page 4: Woolsey/kWhazit.
860First sentence Slattery repunctuated; Second sentence drawn in part from Spooniest -- a middle ground b/t Ted "The Poet Who Didn't Know It" Woolsey and Tom "Better Make A Huge Thing Out Of It" Slattery; Third sentence Woolsey/Slattery, edited to preserve the meaning w/r/t kWhazit ("Move!!"): "March!" its own sounds like an formal order to begin marching, -> "Now, march!" within context appropriately feels like "Keep moving!", better matching the action on screen.
862Slattery, Page 1 repunctuated w/r/t Woolsey/kWhazit.
864Slattery; "protecting" -> "defending" w/r/t kWhazit "stuck up"; "love" -> "affection" -- a valid translation, and Lina Darkstar ("something like love") also senses that the L word might be a bit out of place; also makes Celes's response that much more piercing if she's the one to use the word first.
865Page 1: Slattery, slightly repuncuated. // Page 2: Darkmage, "that was" -> "that's" to nudge the tone a bit more torwards playful -- compare to kWhazit "What a chilling line!"; Darkmage appends Slattery's novel rewrite "So much for my next suggestion_", and that is kept here as well because it is great.
866Page 1: Slattery. Slattery changes Celes's address "The girl born with the power of sorcery/magic" to simply "Terra...", which is fine because 1) Woolsey couldn't figure out how to deal with it, either, and 2) the original is giving me "Star Player of the Zanarkand Abes..." flashbacks. // Page 2: Slattery repunctuated w/r/t kWhazit. // Page 3: Slattery's terminology superimposed on kWhazit's structure. // Page 4: kWhazit, repunctuated w/r/t Slattery. // Page 5: kWhazit. (Slattery, "...?" -> "???")
867Page 1: Slattery; "even for a moment" -> "for a moment" for brevity. // Page 2: Slattery.
868Slattery. Literally it's "Brother" / "Big brother", but Sabin appeals to his brother as such a few lines later, and we don't want to overkill it with an address that's uncommon in English to begin with.
869 (W & S)
870New. Slightly friendlier than kWhazit "And these are?".
871Slattery; "going to" -> "gonna"
873Slattery; "ready" -> "prepared (Woolsey)"
874Page 1: Slattery; "Oh...!" -> "Oho! (Woolsey)". // Page 2: First sentence Slattery, repunctuated w/r/t kWhazit; Second sentence Slattery.
875Woolsey/Slattery, repunctuated w/r/t kWhazit.
876Slattery; "Would you like" -> "Need (Woolsey)" for brevity.
877Page 1: Woolsey; "3" -> "three", "Use" -> "Press". // Page 2: Slattery. Omits GBA's additional info about the "party formation screen".
878Slattery; "the slave crown" -> "that crown (Woolsey)"
879First sentence Lina Darkstar; Second sentence New, figure of speech has essentially the same meaning as literal "I won't let you have your way! (kWhazit)" in context; Literal falls rather flat, so Woolsey rewrites completely ("We are your worst enemy!"); Slattery tries a compromise ("I'm not gonna let them walk all over people!") which also lacks punch due to its length.
880kWhazit merged w/ Slattery
881First sentence Woolsey, "grr..." -> "(grumble)..."; Second sentence kWhazit.
882Slattery; "It's time to" -> "Time to"; repunctuated w/r/t FF6j/kWhazit.
883Darkmage (W & S, "will" -> "shall")
884Woolsey; restored "Uwao" to beginning w/r/t FF6j's initial "Gau!" exclamation which typically is converted to "Uwao" in localization.
885First sentence Slattery, "me" -> "this point (Spooniest)" for clarity; Second sentence kWhazit.
886Spooniest (Woolsey repunctuated; compare to kWhazit).
888Slattery; "The esper's safe" -> "Our frozen Esper's safe and sound": Instead of omitting "frozen" (kWhazit: "icebound"), the line is dramatized slightly to balance it out, and it works well with Edgar. A straight rendering "The frozen Esper is safe" is too awkward here. Early ROSE efforts did a bolder play off of the "frozen" ommission, appending "Perfectly frozen in ice..." to the end of the Slattery line -- a nice line, but far from necessary.
891Slattery superimposed on FF6j/kWhazit's structure.
895Woolsey; "looked like_" -> "looked a lot like_" to prevent awkwardness of a verbatim repetition before a second hesitation -- idea likely drawn from Spooniest ("looked just like_"), and Lina Darkstar also adjusts the tone of the repeated words via italics, which cannot be done here -- Slattery avoided the awkwarness by removing the hesitation while keeping the repetition verbatim; Ended line with period instead of ellipsis w/r/t Slattery.
897Page 1: Lina Darkstar; "awoke within" -> "sparked inside of"; according to Lina Darkstar, the action is best translated as acting "within" Terra rather than "to" Terra. Woolsey/Slattery/kWhazit agree on "Something happened to Terra". "Within" works just as well, if not better, in context. The word "sparked" has some basis, as "to blaze up (fire)" is one definition given for the verb when looked up. // Page 2: New. Based on Slattery; "There must be some sort of connection" -> "Perhaps we underestimated the ties". FF6j has Edgar wondering aloud whether there might be some connection between Terra and the Esper, as though that hadn't already been established previously. What's new is that the kind of relationship is not what the party expected. Warrants a rewrite for consistency. // Page 3: Woolsey merged w/ Slattery.
899Page1: W & S. // Page 2: Woolsey. Slattery is more literal overall but is missing a "maybe" qualifier -- and adding one in bogs down the sentence. Woolsey is good here. Both Slattery & Woolsey omit explicit reference to Narshe which is OK. // Page 3: "Slattery; "protect" -> "guard" to avoid repetition w/ #898.
900Page 1: Woolsey; "stay and guard" -> "stay and help defend (Darkmage)". // Page 2: Slattery; "province" -> "lands (Lina Darkstar, kWhazit)" -- Hard to let go of such a nice word, "province", but it's a misleading Woolsey invention.
902Slattery, slightly repunctuated.
904Slattery; "flew off" -> "tore off into the sky" to keep some of the imagery of Woolsey ("She ripped outta here!"); capitalized Esper. Tough to make more literal renderings sound natural without changing the meaning.
905New, based on kWhazit "Aid that girl without fail!"
907Slattery; sentences reordered w/r/t kWhazit; "Hurry" -> "Just hurry".
910First sentence Woolsey; Second sentence Slattery.
911 (W & S)
912 (W & S)
913Darkmage (First sentence edited Woolsey; Second sentence Slattery), lightly repunctuated w/r/t Slattery & kWhazit.
915First sentence new, based on kWhazit & Mato; Second sentence Darkmage (Slattery, "war" -> "outright war"); Third sentence Slattery, lightly repunctuated. All edits w/r/t style, not accuracy.
916RPGOne via Mato, lightly edited for style.
917Darkmage, lightly edited w/r/t Slattery verb tense.
919Woolsey merged w/ Slattery; lightly edited for style.
920Woolsey merged w/ Slattery; uncensored; "Empire won't listen" -> "Empire won't leave us alone" for slightly better accuracy w/r/t Slattery "still we are not spared from the Empire's agression".
921Slattery; "incredible" -> "awesome (Mato)"
922Page 1: Slattery; incorporates Darkmage "up on the ledge"; Adaptive Dialog changes the indicated relative direction of the house depending on the position of the M.C. // Page 2: kWhazit, substantially reworded for tone & style (New.)
924Mato; "Narshe" -> "Narshe, of all places" for clarity; "stupid frozen Esper" -> "freakish [E]sper (Slattery)"
925Slattery; "It looks" -> "Looks", "war is" -> "war's" for brevity & style somewhat w/r/t Woolsey.
926Woolsey; "sasquatch" -> "yeti", "mine" -> "mines" w/r/t Slattery. Slattery may be closer to literal h
927Slattery; "Lone Wolf, the infamous thief" -> "The infamous thief Lone Wolf" (Darkmage)
928Darkmage (Slattery; "started selling" -> "stocked")
930Slattery, significantly toned down without going flat. The explicit drunkenness is a Slattery invention; Mato on FF6j: 'He just speaks like a regular old man.'
931Woolsey merged w/ Slattery.
933Darkmage (Slattery, first sentence reworded for parallel construction), adaptive dialog for A/B button configuration.
934Woolsey; "GP" -> "gil".
935Slattery; adaptive dialog for rare case where Edgar has not left yet.
936New; based on Slattery's tone, but closer to literal w/r/t Mato "Seeing Kefka filled with chagrin/frustration/annoyance was a wonderful sight to behold." FF6j does not reference the sinking into the sand explicitly. Adaptive dialog to use slightly different wording if the M.C. was present during that event.
937Darkmage; "I saw" -> "We saw", possibly to keep something of Woolsey in #936 -- and there is no explicit "I/We saw" in FF6j; "to the west" -> "in the west (Slattery)". The "like a shooting star" phrase is a good image for FF6j's "giving off light".
938Slattery; "human" -> "person (Woolsey)", since Terra is not looking particularly "human" at that moment.
939Woolsey merged w/ Slattery; Slattery "under the mountains if there's a desert" -> "under the mountains to the desert" -- no use talking hypothetically, since there is exactly one, known, use case here -- otherwise, it sounds like it's introducing a potentially fun exploration mechanic that never materialized; Adaptive dialog for M.C. Edgar.
940Slattery, reworded for style, "dive" -> "burrow"; Adaptive dialog for M.C. Edgar.
941Slattery; "broken off" -> "officially broken off", since the unofficial breakoff is not news to anyone.
942First sentence New, w/r/t Mato "You must be tired from your long journey and war." -- edited to be more conversational; Second sentence Darkmage.
943Darkmage (Slattery; "one time" -> "sometime").
944Slattery; removed "Ah," & repunctuated w/r/t kWhazit.
945Slattery, lightly reworded for brevity w/r/t Woolsey.
946Page 1: Slattery; "High Priestess" -> "Matron" (see #91); "Oh, Sabin..." -> "Sabin! My goodness..." w/r/t Darkmage "Sabin! Oh my goodness..."; "sure have" -> "certainly have", slightly more obvious callback to #108. // Page 2: Slattery.
947 (W)
948Slattery; "Sabin?" -> "L-Lord Sabin?" w/r/t Darkmage "Lord Sabin", likely invented.
950 (W & S)
951Page 1: Woolsey. // Page 2: Slattery.
952First two sentences Woolsey; Third sentence Slattery, lightly repunctuated; Divided the 10-unit delay among the three lines.
953Slattery; Divided the 10-unit delay among the three lines.
954Woolsey, repunctuated w/r/t Slattery; Divided the 10-unit delay among the two lines.
955Woolsey, repunctuated w/r/t kWhazit; Divided the 10-unit delay among the two lines.
956kWhazit merged w/ Slattery -- mostly kWhazit. Early ROSE effort attempts to superimpose the poison implication (kWhazit/Lina Darkstar) onto a denial expression (Woolsey/Slattery), but this falls short because it creates an expression of initial acceptance rather than the proper reaffirmation of a prior idea.
957Page 1: Woolsey merged w/ Slattery. // Page 2: kWhazit merged w/ Woolsey; "Father" -> "Dad (Slattery)".
959First sentence Lina Darkstar (compare to kWhazit "Just now, your father..."); Second sentence elements of kWhazit and Slattery.
960Page 1: First sentence Woolsey, "NONSENSE" -> "PATHETIC", from Woolsey "You're all pathetic!" removed from page 2 -- it's a fantastic word here; Second sentence Slattery, "Everyone's" -> "Everyone_ they're all (kWhazit)". // Page 2: First sentence Slattery, "you" -> "YOU" for intensity, repunctuated w/r/t Woolsey; Second sentence Slattery, "No one's" -> "No one is", repunctuated w/r/t kWhazit.
961Lina Darkstar, lightly repunctuated.
962Page 1: Slattery. // Page 2: Repunctuated w/r/t FF6j -- The distinguishing feature is the hard stop moreso than the ellipsis. // Page 3: Slattery.
963Page 1: Slattery merged w/ Woolsey. // Page 2: Slattery; "You said" -> "You said yourself" w/r/t kWhazit "didn't you say yourself". // Page 3: Woolsey, repunctuated.
964Woolsey, repunctuated w/r/t Slattery.
965Page1: Slattery merged w/ kWhazit, new wording "abandonded the throne" stands in for kWhazit "loses both heirs at once" when superimposing on Slattery's structure. // Page 2: Slattery simplified w/r/t kWhazit.
967First & second sentences Slattery; Third sentence Slattery, edited for brevity in part w/r/t kWhazit/Lina Darkstar; Third & fourth sentences Slattery lightly reformatted.
968New; compare to Slattery & kWhazit.
969Slattery merged w/ kWhazit.
970Page 1: First sentence Slattery; Second sentence Woolsey. // Page 2: W & S.
973Slattery (Woolsey reformatted); "Ten years" -> "Ten whole years" to avoid wording duplication w/ #970.
975Darkmage (Slattery/Woolsey repunctuated w/r/t Lina Darkstar -- compare to kWhazit).
976kWhazit, recapitalized.
977Slattery; Adaptive dialog for M.C. Edgar.
978Slattery, partially repunctuated w/r/t Woolsey.
979Slattery, partially repunctuated w/r/t Woolsey.
980First sentence kWhazit, Adaptive dialog for M.C. Edgar; Second sentence Darkmage (Slattery; "undergoing maintenance" -> "being serviced", omits wordy "if the need arises" at the end), "currently" -> "continuously" w/r/t kWhazit "constant maintenance".
981Slattery; First (novel) sentence simplified & adaptive dialog for M.C. Edgar. Repunctuated for tone w/r/t Woolsey.
982 (W)
985New; Combines some wording of Slattery and Woolsey, more literal w/r/t FF6j, keeps Woolsey's tone.
986Slattery merged w/ kWhazit; Removed novel "strange" in Slattery: "A strange, glowing creature" -> "Some glowing (Darkmage)"; lightly reworded for style.
988First sentence Slattery; Second sentence Woolsey, "bring a handsome escort" -> "have a handsome escort" w/r/t Darkmage
989Slattery; reworded slightly to emphasize that it is Locke's routine to stop by Rachel's house when he is in town; adaptive dialog for M.C. not Locke.
990First sentence New -- essentially same meaning as Woolsey/Slattery but slightly more fitting for the shot in the dark that the speaker is taking; Second sentence Woolsey merged w/ Slattery.
991Page 1: First sentence Slattery; Second sentence Slattery; "smelly old" -> "strange" -- "smelly old" is fairly novel and sounds redunant in the same sentence as "Crazy old". // Page 2: Slattery; "he's got a ghost" -> "he keeps ghosts (Woolsey)" -- plural is better for keeping the rumor inaccurate.
992First sentence Slattery; Second sentence Darkmage (Slattery reworded), reworded further for simplicity & tone.
994W & S; adaptive dialog if a character in the party has met Shadow -- uses text from caption #995.
995Slattery, repunctuated w/r/t Woolsey.
996 (W & S)
999Woolsey, "wasn't able" -> "wasn't there"; "to save her" -> "to protect her"; reworded as a complete sentence w/r/t Slattery & kWhazit; retains Woolsey's novel-ish "when she needed me"; "needed me" -> "needed me most"
1000Woolsey/Slattery; "to find" -> "to look for" to avoid redundancy w/ #1002.
1001Lina Darkstar. This is the line that probably inspired Woolsey's "She said 'Yes'!" in #1007, but Woolsey ("Soon, you'll...") does not capture the implication here. There is likely some ambiguity in FF6j, though, because Slattery ("It's almost your..."), likely closer to literal, misses the implication altogether.
1002Slattery; "We're gonna" -> "And we're gonna (Darkmage)".
1003W & S, reformatted.
1005 (W & S)
1006 (W)
1007Page 1: Darkmage (Woolsey; "Get outta here" -> "Get the hell out"); "she's" -> "my daughter's (kWhazit)" // Page 2: Slattery; repunctuated w/r/t FF6j/kWhazit
1008Slattery; "Please, just go away" -> "Please, go away" to avoid redundacy w/ #1007; "my parents" -> "my whole family (kWhazit)". This scene must take place a period of time after Rachel first awoke -- something Woolsey seems to have missed.
1009Page 1: First sentence Slattery merged w/ Lina Darkstar -- avoid's Slattery's use of Locke's name here instead of second page; Second sentence Woolsey/Slattery, "She's" -> "That girl's (kWhazit)". // Page 2: kWhazit merged w/ Slattery; "With you here" -> "As long as you're here" to avoid slightly redundant phrasing w/ previous page.
1010Page 1: kWhazit. // Page 2: kWhazit; "was gone from this world" -> "was...no longer with us", a more localized euphamistic phrase for death; added "I found out (Slattery)". // Page 3: First sentence Slattery; Second sentence kWhazit, wording broken up slightly differently for pacing. // Page 4: Slattery. // Page 5: (W & S) -- in FF6j, this simply repeats #999 (lit. "I couldn't/didn't protect her") with different pacing, but official translations use slightly novel "I failed her" pharaphrase instead, to memorable effect.
1011Darkmage (Slattery w/ first sentence rewritten).
1014Slattery, "I'm never" -> "I ain't EVER" for style.
1015First sentence Slattery, "rather unsavory" -> "pretty rough"; Second & Third sentences New -- retains "They say..." as likely in FF6j (see Mato stream), and uses different phrasing to avoid redundancy w/ #1013.
1017Page 1: Woolsey, adaptive dialog for M.C. not Locke. // Page 2: Woolsey; "Your treasure's" -> "Your 'treasure' is" w/r/t Rodimus Primal, possibly via RPGOne (See Mato stream).
1018 (W)
1019 (W & S)
1020Page 1: First sentence Slattery, edited for brevity, "have finished this herbal concoction" -> "have this herbal concoction on hand" w/r/t kWhazit "handy", "back then" -> "right then" to emphasize the timeliness of the whole situation; Second sentence Slattery; Third sentence Woolsey. // Page 2: First sentence New, based primarily on kWhazit, "most earnest of requests (kWhazit)" -> "so ardently requested" partly w/r/t Slattery "begging me like that...", adaptive dialog uses Locke's name w/r/t FF6j if M.C. not Locke -- formats as a question w/r/t Woolsey if M.C. is Locke; Second sentence Woolsey.
1022Split difference b/t Woolsey & Slattery; (kWhazit: "for ever and ever.")
1023Woolsey's content superimposed on the structure of Slattery/kWhazit; "What if" -> "And if", since Locke likely had already come up with the general idea; keeps Woolsey's ommission of references to Rachel's "wandering spirit (Slattery)" -- considered too explicitly metaphysical for Locke here.
1024Woolsey; slight edit "Kuha, ha" -> "Kuha_ha". Woolsey omits explicit reference to "that" particular "legendary treasure" in favor of "something out there that'll bring her around" to memorable effect. Slattery tries to merge the two, but the effect is somewhat lost in his rendering.
1025Woolsey, slightly reformatted.
1026 (W & S)
1027Woolsey; "Dear me! Almost" -> "Dear me, I almost (Slattery)"
1029Page 1: First sentence Woolsey; Second sentence Slattery. // Page 2: Slattery; "up in the north" -> "to the north (Woolsey)".
1030Darkmage (Slattery; "in the valley between the mountains" -> "in the mountains"); added "a while back" to first sentence; Slattery's novel "I hear they" -> "They've" since Zozo is well-known enough by now not to be considered unconfirmed news.
1031Slattery; "opera diva" -> "opera singer (Woolsey)".
1033Slattery; "bathed in light" -> "wrapped in fire (Woolsey)"; "speed off" -> "rocketing" w/r/t kWhazit "with incredible vigor"
1034First sentence kWhazit merged with Slattery; Second sentence Slattery with significant changes to wording for style: "den" -> "stomping ground", "thieves and ne'er do wells" -> "rogues and criminals"; adaptive dialog shows text from unused caption #1153 after the first Zozo episode is finished.
1035First sentence kWhazit; Second sentence Slattery.
1036 (W & S). Unused in Vanilla FF3us.
1037First sentence Slattery, "Every once in a while" -> "Every now and then (Darkmage)", "shady guys" -> "rascals", "wanders" -> "will wander" w/r/t Woolsey; Second sentence Woolsey.
1038First sentence Slattery; Second sentence retains "ah...dorky!" Woolseyism, but adds explicit reference to the player character's "attire" for flow/context, inspired in part by Darkmage ("no fashion sense") -- likely far from literal/FF6j (Slattery: "Straighten your back! Don't slump so much!"), but gives the entertaining impression of an aristocrat experimenting with low-brow slang for fun; adaptive dialog for M.C. Celes uses text from unused caption #2623.
1039Slattery; adaptive dialog added for M.C. Relm & M.C. Umaro (art admirers).
1040Slattery; adaptive dialog based on Woolsey added for M.C. Edgar & M.C. Setzer (very wealthy characters).
1041First sentence Darkmage (expansion of Woolsey similar in meaning & tone to kWhazit), "wayward spirits" -> "departed souls (Slattery)"; Second sentence Woolsey with minor rephrasing.
1043Page 1: Woolsey. This line is great when taken in isolation. Page break. // Page 2: Slattery, simplified to carry forward the same tone & gag as the previous page.
1045Woolsey, adjusted word order & reformatted.
1046Woolsey, lightly expanded & reformatted.
1047Slattery, "Trust me" -> "I'll give it to you straight", reformatted.
1048Darkmage (Woolsey; "go home" -> "head home"), reformatted.
1049Woolsey/Slattery, reformatted.
1057Darkmage (Slattery w/ some rework); further edits "on the wall over there" -> "over on the wall" for brevity, "lost its minute hand" -> "is missing its minute hand", "never showed the right time" -> "hasn't been pointing to the right minute" for more definitive clarity with the riddle.
1059 (Unused) Slattery, edited to unambiguously maintain the speaker's honesty.
1060Woolsey merged w/ Slattery; "at the 4" -> "at the 2". Four in this case, corresponding to 20 seconds, appears to be a mistake. While it does not contradict the riddle solution, it overlaps with #1058, thus failing to yield an unambigous answer for the seconds when combined with #1056 and #1058. The other two hints narrow it down to 10 and 50 seconds; "at the 2" properly eliminates "10 seconds" and leaves us with the correct answer, "50 seconds".
1061Page 1: Slattery. // Page 2: First sentence Slattery, "quick" -> "nimble (kWhazit)"; Second sentence Slattery, "'em" -> "them"; Third sentence Slattery, edited for brevity.
1062Page 1: Slattery; "let" -> "help" // Page 2: Slattery; adaptive dialog for M.C. Gau
1063 (W)
1064Slattery; adaptive dialog replaces normal text with text from unused caption #1059 once if the player speaks to this NPC a second time.
1066Slattery, edited for brevity.
1067 (W)
1068Page 1: Woolsey, lightly edited for style, adaptive dialog replaces "gentle folks" for singular M.C. -- not as literal as Slattery ("What brings you up here on this fine day?") or kWhazit ("What did you want on such a sunny day?"). // Page 2: Slattery. -- Slattery expands on the original some here, and it works. // Page 3: Slattery; "I'm not very strong in a fight" -> "I'm not much for fighting", closer in meaning to Woolsey ("I hate fighting"), since some players may agree with him that he's not very strong; further minor edits for more definitive lying.
1069 (W)
1070 (W)
1071Woolsey merged w/ Slattery.
1072Woolsey/Slattery, repunctuated for style; speaker label added via adaptive dialog.
1073Woolsey; "scared" -> "frightened (Slattery)".
1074Slattery; adaptive dialog for speaker label and dialect.
1075kWhazit, adaptive dialog for party size.
1076Woolsey; speaker label added via adaptive dialog.
1077Slattery; "all right" -> "sound" for archaic style.
1078 (W & S)
1079Slattery, reformatted.
1080Slattery; "Interesting" -> "How peculiar".
1081Page 1: Slattery. // Page 2: Slattery, reformatted and lightly edited for less formal tone.
1082Slattery; adaptive dialog adds speaker label if speaker is solo.
1083Slattery; speaker label added via adaptive dialog.
1085Slattery; "right?" -> "That wrong? (Darkmage)"; additional minor edits for style.
1086Page 1: Woolsey, reformatted; "don't live here" -> "can't live here" w/r/t Slattery & kWhazit. // Page 2: Slattery.
1087Slattery; adaptive dialog for speaker Cyan & to add speaker label.
1088Woolsey; "fact you" -> "you being".
1089New. Based on Lina Darkstar ("Humans and Espers are not creatures that can mutually coexist.") & kWhazit ("Humans and [Espers] cannot coexist."), converted into a more rhetorically-geared statement rather than an absolute which would be partly contradicted only a few captions later in #1094.
1090Page 1: Slattery merged w/ kWhazit. // Page 2: Darkmage, repunctuated w/r/t FF6j/kWhazit.
1091Page 1: Slattery merged w/ kWhazit; speaker label added via adaptive dialog. // Page 2: kWhazit, with minor rephrasing for clarity.
1092Page 1: Slattery; "I've heard" -> "I once heard"; speaker label added via adaptive dialog. // Page 2: kWhazit, with minor rephrasing for clarity.
1093Slattery; lightly edited for style.
1094Page 1: Slattery; "Humans and espers" -> "Our kinds" for brevity w/r/t Woolsey ("We"). // Page 2: Slattery.
1095Woolsey; speaker label added via adaptive dialog.
1096Slattery. Woolsey & Slattery rephrase the second sentene a bit vs. literal (kWhazit: "A war involving the Genjuu, and sorcerers created with power extracted from Genjuu.")
1097Page 1: Lina Darkstar, edited somewhat based on Slattery -- "be used once again" -> "be targeted again (Slattery)". // Page 2: Lina Darkstar, edited for lore clarity: "They created a magical barrier" -> "So they conjured a barrier around a secluded region" in part w/r/t kWhazit "made ourselves a separate realm"; "Esper world" -> "Esper realm".
1098kWhazit merged w/ Slattery -- result is somewhat similar to Woolsey.
1099Slattery, wording rearranged for simplicity of sentence structure; added imagery with "rip the sorcerous energy out of us" w/r/t Lina Darkstar ("Ghastra ripped the power of magic from Espers").

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